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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Election 2012 | Romney Wins New Hampshire As Expected, But Ron Paul Vaults to 2nd Place with Jon Huntsman 3rd; Next Stop South Carolina

Mitt Romney was expected to easily win New Hampshire on Tuesday, which he did at 40%.  Although he's clearly in the driver's seat as the establishment candidate while the other candidates split the vote, the race for the Republican nomination to face President Barack Obama isn't over.

In New Hampshire, Ron Paul went from a 5th place finish in 2008 to a solid 2nd place "win" at 23% over all other non-Romney candidates.  His campaign is clearly connecting with voters of all backgrounds and has ignited the youth vote, the same type of passion that helped carry Barack Obama to beat establishment candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Some say Ron Paul doesn't have a "chance" to be nominated but one thing is clear.  While much of the Republican PARTY establishment is settling on Mitt Romney, the vast majority of voters are still sorting out choices.

Jon Huntsman, who didn't really compete in Iowa, finished in 3rd place at 17%.  To some, he may still be the emerging alternate to Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum built on his momentum from Iowa and did better than expected in New Hampshire, but both he and Newt Gingrich are expected to do better in South Carolina.

Rick Perry is also focusing his efforts on South Carolina, which is likely to be the make or break state for his campaign and others.  He finished last in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign is gearing up their attacks on Romney or whomever will be the nominee.  Obama will be in Chicago on Thursday for fundraising.

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