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Monday, January 09, 2012

William Daley, Brother of King Richard, Resigns as Worst White House Chief of Staff in History...Since Previous Worst White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel | Obama Finally Picks Someone Not Part of the Chicago Political Mafia

How many times did we warn candidate, then President-Elect Barack Obama that if he really wanted to CHANGE politics-as-usual and not make the blunders we routinely see from the Chicago and Illinios Political Mafia that he SHOULD NOT SURROUND HIMSELF WITH THE CHICAGO POLITICAL MAFIA???

But, President Barack Obama, local political rockstar, didn't listen and instead surrounded himself in the White House with some of the kingpins from Chicago, including Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff.  That fizzled and we are learning now from a book that came out that even Michelle Obama wanted Rahm fired.

So, did Barack Obama learn?  No, he repeated the mistake by installing William Daley, brother of Chicago's King of Corruption, Richard Daley, as Chief of Staff.  That has failed as well.

Now, Billy Daley is exiting the White House to come back to Chicago.  The good news for the nation is Obama is putting someone other than a Chicago political mafia crony as the new White House Chief of Staff, Jacob Lew.

The bad news for Chicago and Illinois is that we are stuck with Rahm Emanuel and now Bill Daley is coming back to Chicago, apparently with eyes on becoming Governor so that a more seasoned member of the political mafia such as Daley can replace the current goofball, Pat Quinn.



Anonymous said...

If Obama can get rid of Arne Duncan, Valerie Jarrett and any other Daley-connected cronies, he MAY have a chance to save his presidency.

Al Kohollick said...

Did anyone find it odd the Ritchie Daley wound up on the board of Coca-Cola? WTF does Ritchie know about carbonated sugar water? Coke must have thought that having the brother of the President's Chief-of-Staff might pay dividends down the road. Don't be surprised if Ritchie has a short stay at Coke.