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Thursday, May 10, 2012

As Fiscal Crisis Slightly Eases, City of Aurora Ramps Up Wild Spending Habits; Mayor's Office Expands Staff While Homeowners Pay 25% Increase in Tax Rates

The fiscal crisis of Aurora is alive and well, but because the "budget deficits" have eased up slightly, Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and the Aurora City Council are ramping up the wild spending habits of the past that created the crisis in the first place.

With Alderman Rick Lawrence absent due to attending the West Aurora High School Honors Night event, the rest of the wild spending city council voted 11-0 to add yet another member of the expanding staff for the mayor's office.

FLASHBACK:  In 2005, Weisner campaigned running for Mayor he would only have three staff he will have seven.

Stephanie Lulay reports:
The new staff member will conduct research and analyze proposed policies and programs to support decision making in the office, according to a city memo.
Chief of Staff (and spokesgirl) Carie Anne Ergo said the new position's pay grade is between an assistant chief of staff and an administrative assistant in the office.
Ergo said the city had three assistant chiefs of staff and a chief of staff until a few years ago, but positions were reduced to save money.

So, Ergo and the mayor's office are in favor of wasting taxpayer money?

And, how much does it cost to fund the salary and benefits of the mayor's office, not including their expenses, operations or travel?

Stephanie Lulay reports:

  • Tom Weisner, Mayor - $170,726
  • Carie Anne Ergo, Chief of Staff - $160,609
  • Chuck Nelson, Assistant Chief of Staff - $148,687
  • Rick Guzman, Assistant Chief of Staff - $122,408
  • To Be Named Later, Management Analyst - $96,105
  • Alexandra Voigt, Admin Assistant - $87,925
  • Toshia Moss, Executive Secretary - $78,147

In recent months, Rick Guzman was hired as an assistant chief of staff, but Ergo says he's been "busy" dealing with developing affordable housing policies and the Jericho Circle issue, leaving aside the city is not required to pursue affordable housing (only FAIR housing) and Jericho Circle's application for tax credits was rejected.

Brian Caputo, who has repeatedly failed as the city's finance chief to say NO to government wild spending, says the additional spending can be handled due to an increase in additional revenues.

From the growing and booming economy?


Maybe it's from a TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT increase in the tax rate rate increase for homeowners, not including other tax increases in the pipeline such as the library.

Alderman Lawrence, when asked about the vote to increase spending in his absence, said in an statement via email:

"Taxpayers are increasingly are paying more for less.  Labor is the biggest cost for the city.  It doesn't make sense for the taxpayer to see increase spending on assistant chiefs or assistants to the assistant chiefs when homeowners are being forced to pay more."

Ergo said her salary and benefit package was justified because she often writes "several memos" a week and sometimes has to do "more than one" in a day.

Finance Chairman Bob O'Connor, the chronic wild spender for over two decades, had no comment.

Remember, it's YOUR money.


Anonymous said...

please tell me none of this ain't happening. they (both the mayor and the city council) really can't be this stupid, can they?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are this stupid! and Rick's absence means nothing except the vote would have been 11-1. His whining about every issue has rendered him toxic and ineffective, therefore other aldermen are reluctant to side with him (even when Rick is right). Sorry state of affairs!

Anonymous said...

What kind of voters keep putting these idiots in office?

Anonymous said...

Yep, and soon a director of coyote control. Probably related to another city official.

Larry J. Frieders said...

The ones in office are NOT the idiots. Those of us who put them there - and put up with them - are the true idiots in this picture.

Anonymous said...

Aurora = Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Where is John Conyers wife when you need her? Oh yea in jail.

Anonymous said...

Openline had better check its math. I checked my tax bill and the amount I am paying to the city of Aurora in 2012 is less tan I paid in 2011.
My total tax bill went up, but the amount of the increase is entirely the result of increased taxes from West Aurora School District.
My total tax bill is up $500 and that is caused by a $500 increase to the school district.

Get the facts right. Aurora tax bill went up because of the increases to the school district and not the city of Aurora.

Yes, the new hire in the mayor's office is stupid and unnecessary and Rick's presence at the meeting would have changed nothing but the final vote count

Anonymous said...

Got to pay for the EVIL UNIONS. Speaking of which, while shopping today I happened to go to two different stores in the same city. I was interested in buying coffee..the 32oz one store the price was 8.32 and the other was $14.83. Also was looking for orange juice one store was 3.34 while the other was $4.80 for the same size and brand. As both stores were relatively close it was hard to reconcile such a wide discrepancy until I realized that one was a UNION store and the other was non union store. Sure looks like the EVIL UNION LEADERS are enjoying the fruits of your labors while riding the backs of their members. I could reveal the names of the stores but for now suffice it to say that the cheaper one is at least 1000 times larger than the smaller chain. Will leave it to you to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

4:02 PS. The larger store mentioned above is the one the EVIL UNIONS are dieing to unionize. You can see what will happen to prices if they succeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5/12 4:02 PM - do you think that if you keep spouting "EVIL UNIONS" enough that people will begin to believe your lies? If it wasn't for those "EVIL UNIONS" you'd be way too tired from working your 16-hour day in a sweatshop to have the energy to post your continual garbage.

Anonymous said...

It's the OBAMA way and the way of the democrats.....keep repeating something long & often enough and the dupes will believe it. With regards 16 hour days, I doubt it. I'm way too independent and self reliant to continually lean on a union and their thugs for such things.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant the republican Bush way. Say enough scary things over and over and they will believe. Anyone remember arms of mass destruction.

Anonymous said...

No, we have to work 16 hour days in order to pay our tax bills that are way too high because of the evil union cocksuckers that are municipal, state, federal employees.

Anonymous said...

If you live on the west side of Aurora in District 129 your tax rate went up $2.01 per hundred that is a 25% increase in tax. It comes from a number of government entities. End results you are paying a higher rate on less value to live in Aurora. What is the return on investment for these higher rates?

Anonymous said...

10:38 Or how about for the last 60 years of "we need more dollars for education and welfare" that will fix it. Trillions later the democrats only made it worse and enslaved the poor and are now working on the middle class. Check out the most failing cities in the country and you will find them controlled by the evil unions and democratic parties ie: DETROIT. No denying it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is worse. That we are paying some of these incompetent people to work for us today or that we will be paying their pensions the rest of their lives.

Larry is right. WE allow this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Well kiss my ass if Chucky Boy Nelson is worth that salary. I doubt if he is worth even a third of that, unless removing trees is a specialty in government now.