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Friday, June 01, 2012

Government Gone Wild | Illinois Pushes Taxes on Satellite Television and New York City Looks to Ban Large Soft Drinks? Will Government Tax Stargazing Next?

Illinois Democrats are pushing a 5 percent tax on satellite television such as Direct TV and Dish Network to make it "similiar" to how government profits from cable television bills.

But, cable television and satellite television are vastly different.  Cable requires lines buried into a community, often across public land and property.

Last time we checked, the whole point of satellite television is a direct connection between you and the...satellite.

What happens if you want to look up at night to gaze at the stars or the moon?

Should government get to tax you on that, too?

If it's okay to tax your satellite connection, why not anything in space?

It gets worse...Chicago and New York are among cities considering taxes or bans on large size soft drinks.

For Chicago, it's focused on raising revenue from you instead of a ban (Mayor Daley is on the board of Coca-Cola due to his expertise in, well, not sure why) so that proposal has gone flat.

However, in New York, Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban soft drinks in excess of 16 ounces.

So, does that mean you can't drink TWO 12 ounce drinks of Pepsi or Coke?  If it the purpose is truly about health, why not ban beer, wine and any alcohol drinks?

The bigger question is why those in government actually believe they should be intruding on these issues selectively and for profit.


Anonymous said...

Governments are looking for ANY WAY to bail themselves out of their overspending. AND WE ARE LETTING THEM.

The government has no business doing any of this.

They will keep this up until WE STOP THEM.

Anonymous said...

Next election vote them all out even is they are a relative. They are only in it for YOUR money.

Anonymous said...

Actually the airwaves are a public resource that the Sat companies use to create profit. It's really no different than a franchise fee charged for the use of public land by a municipality.

That being said, the state doesn't regulate that public space (the airwaves)- the Feds do - so yea looks like a money grab. Also this legislation wouldn't have even been considered if Comcast wasn't pressing the issue. Best democracy money can buy!

Anonymous said...

Why not tax the SOB 's at 100%. They don't deserve to keep any earnings anyway. Obama would love it.

Anonymous said...

To many fat republicans it affects their brains

Anonymous said...

I love how early on Openline blasts the Democrats for wanting to tax the satellite providers, but when it comes to blasting the concept of Bloomberg wanting to ban the large sodas, Openline chooses to NOT identify his party. That's because he's a Republican.