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Friday, May 25, 2012

How the Aurora City Council Robots Read Through Bids, Contracts and Anything That Impacts Taxpayers

We admit it.  We were wrong.

For years, we assumed that most of the robots on the Aurora City Council simply follow commands and don't actually read 99% of the information, bids, contracts, details and critical facts before making decisions affecting BILLIONS of your taxdollars.

On Thursday, Mayor Tom Weisner's administration called a "special" city council meeting to rush through an electricity green scheme only hours after the bids were "opened" so that city council members would only have a few minutes before the meeting to read through the extensive information, bids, contracts, details and critical facts before making an informed decision.

Alderman Rick Lawrence, who is one of the few city council members who did not become a robot after being elected, suggested the limited, quick process to rush through legislation was similar to the parking meter fiasco process in Chicago, where city council members were given limited time to review and urged to vote quickly.

Mayor Tom Weisner said there was no comparison between the parking meter fiasco and the electricity green scheme.

Lawrence said he was referring to process of a limited review and a quick vote.

Since the meeting, sources provided us video proof above that some of the Aurora City Council robots, in fact, DO read through those things after all...

...yet still make foolish decisions.


Larry J. Frieders said...

I heard the mayor say that "he appreciated" Alderman Lawrence's comment but he wasn't sure what it had to do with the subject at had. All of the aldermen knew what was on the agenda and none of them had any of the documentation ahead of time. Kind of reminds me of the Nancy Pelosi comment about Obamacare, "you'll be able to read it when it's passed".

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why they had to do a special meeting for this instead of at the regular meeting, costing taxpayers thousands more in fees and staff time???

Anonymous said...

Excellent question, 2:42.

Anonymous said...

Freiders, you obviously do not understand how commodities like electricity are purchased.

Anonymous said...

Most of them probably can't read it anyway.