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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Illinois State Rep Mike Bost and House Minority Leader Tom Cross Explain Who Is Responsible for the Fiscal Mess of Illinois: (Hint: Last Name is Madigan)

There's a LOT of people responsible for the fiscal mess of Illinois.  From Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to recent governors to many legislators and even those who have voted to keep the political mafia in power.

However, there's one person, Michael Madigan, consistently part of every problem during the past four decades.

As the political dictator of Illinois, he's accumulated power as speaker, raked in millions, elevated his incompetent daughter Lisa up the political chain and now he stands firmly in the way of a critical attempt to rescue the state from his own failed leadership with a poison pill for pension reform, the ponzi scheme that continues to spiral out of control.

Illinois State Representative Mike Bost speaks up on behalf of taxpayers and takes direct aim at the dictator himself.

Then, House Minority Leader Tom Cross explains how Madigan has got us into this mess and is standing in the way of fixing it.

Every moment Michael Madigan remains in power, he costs the and for the next generation.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah of course Tom Double-Cross who gave us a RINO like Irvin is blameless. Please, Cross is a ball-less faggoty type who has sold out the taxpayer every chance he got. He has slitted the taxpayer's throat time and again.

Anonymous said...

Might I remind you that one of the pension funds is for the legislators? How's that fund doing, Tom? How much have YOU paid in, and how much are YOU going to get back for the rest of your life?

Anonymous said...

The voters have only themselves to blame.