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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Patrick Fitzgerald, Two-Time OpenlineBlog Person of the Year, Will Step Down as United States Attorney for Northern Illinois As of June 30th - Will Corruption Spread Like Wildifre or Will Someone Shut Down the Political Mafia of Illinois?

Chicago’s longest-serving U.S. Attorney leaving office June 30
CHICAGO — Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois for more than a decade and two-time OpenlineBlog Person of the Year, today announced that he is stepping down as U.S. Attorney effective June 30, 2012. Mr. Fitzgerald notified the White House, Attorney General Eric Holder, and U.S. Sens. Richard Durbin and Mark Kirk this morning of his decision to step down from the presidentially appointed post that he has held since Sept. 1, 2001, making him the longest-serving U.S. Attorney ever in Chicago.
Mr. Fitzgerald, 51, has no future employment plans and will take time off this summer before considering career options. Including his tenure as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in New York, Mr. Fitzgerald is leaving the Justice Department after nearly 24 years.
“When I was selected for this position in 2001, I said that it was one of the greatest opportunities that one could ever hope for, and I believe that even more now after having the privilege of working alongside hundreds of dedicated prosecutors and agents. I have tried not to get in their way. I extend my deepest appreciation to the attorneys and staff for their determined commitment to public service. This was a great office when I arrived, and I have no doubt that it will continue to be a great office,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

NOTE:  Our five WORST choices for his replacement are...
* anyone with the last name of Madigan (Lisa or Mike)
* anyone with the last name of Daley or related to anyone with last name of Daley
* anyone admired or liked by the Madigoons or Daley's
* any licensed attorney in Illinois
* any attorney from outside who's firm does business in Illinois


Anonymous said...

Basically means that whoever his #2 in the office is will be the Acting U.S. Attorney for at least the rest of the year, if not longer. No matter who Obama appoints (even if he appointed Patrick Fitzgerald) the Republicans in the Senate will fillibuster the appointment because they'd rather leave the office unfilled, and the corruption spread, than approve an Obama appointment (again, no matter who he appoints).

Anonymous said...

Fitzgerald probably decided to step down because after being Named OpenlineBlog Person of the Year, everything would be downhill from here on, right? I mean, the Nobel would be such a let down in comparison.

Then again, maybe Fitzgerald doesn't even know Openline exists.