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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tattoo Shop Owners in Aurora Accuses Weisner Administration of Discrimination, Incompetence and Unfairness Over Proposed Ordinance to Restrict and Regulate

As Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's administration seeks to "regulate" and "restrict" operations and licenses of tattoo shops with a vote at the Aurora City Council on Tuesday, there's increasing opposition that the proposed ordinance is dysfunctional, unfair and singles out tattoo shop operators for the overall challenges for Aurora's image and economic development issues.

Some owners say that while reasonable regulation is welcome, the proposed ordinance is designed to eliminate tattoo shops, singling them out.

Licenses could not be transferred if a business is sold or closed, meaning the number of licenses would eventually reduce.

Weisner's zoning administrator, Ed Seiben, says it's about an environment that protects health and safety.  While some communities require a physician to be on-site and others have no requirement related to a physician, the Aurora ordinance requires a tattoo shop to have a physician "on-call."

Given the liability it would create for a physician, it's not clear how any physician would agree to be "on-call" for a facility he or she never will visit or a patient he or she will never see.

"Just another example of how incompetent the city's so-called corporation counsel (Alayne Weingartz) is when drafting this half-baked ordinance.  If the city wants to get rid of tattoo shops, just say so, but why are we creating such obvious confusion?" said a viewer.

Stephanie Lulay reports:
Alderman Richard Irvin, at-large, said he'll likely vote in support of the ordinance if the definition of an on-call doctor is better defined by city legal staff.
Alderman Juany Garza, 2nd Ward, said aldermen need to discuss the on-call doctor rule.  She said she'll likely support the ordinance.
Alderman Rick Lawrence said the ordinance needs more work and will likely vote against the ordinance, calling the ordinance "disorganized" and saying "if we're really here to clean up the image of Aurora, Cash for Gold stores, payday loans, Hesed House all need to be on the table, too."
Lawrence said he does not think the city should mandate shops close at 10pm.
"I think it's out of line to tell someone when they should work and when they shouldn't," he said.
Alderman Allan Lewandowski, 9th Ward, said he was also likely vote 'no.'
"The regulations as they stand that we're trying to implement are basically going to put (shop owners) out of business," he said. 

NOTE:  Aurora City Council meets Tuesday at 6pm.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Openline has been blasting Weisner and the city for years for all the tattoo parlors, saying there's too many, and wanting to push them all out of town. Now that Weisner is pushing an ordinance to regulate them, all of a sudden Lawrence and Openline are bastions of support for tattoo shops.

Anonymous said...

Having an on-call physician is easy. Just keep the number for the Emergency Room on the wall. If there's a problem, call the hospital. Of course, all they're going to say is call 911 and have them bring the patient to the hospital, but you have an on-call doctor!

Anonymous said...

Just another crotch for the feeble minded bureaucrats to stick their noses in. More citizen control.....commies are coming and faster now. Vote them all out next election.

Anonymous said...

If you call 911, they'll send out an ambulance and qualified paramedics. That's not good enough?