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Monday, June 11, 2012

City of Aurora Seeks To Charge Taxpayers After Spending Millions More Than "Anticipated"

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's administration is seeking to change the current budget after saying they spent millions more than "anticipated" on various expenses, including hundreds of thousands in overtime for the fire department.

Because of increased or widespread fires in the last couple years?  No.

City spokesgirl Carie Anne Ergo, who makes over $160,000 annually in salary and benefits, said:

"When there's a vacancy, until a new firefighter can be hired and trained, you need overtime to to cover the vacancy."
This the same Aurora Fire Department with layers of middle and upper management with six figure salaries...and the same Aurora Fire Department that wasn't targeted for layoffs in the same manner the Weisner administration targeted the police department due to the city's fiscal crisis and problems associated with poor economic development and wild spending.

By "coincidence" the city went after the rank-n-file police officers, who's union has been in a battle with Weisner.

Maybe instead of increasing the budget by millions, they need to decrease the number of upper management in the fire department since it's commonly known that these positions have become early retirement getaways rather than clearly necessary for public safety and direct firefighting.

Ergo says the mayor needs an additional $3 million to cover costs that include workman's compensation and expenses related to public safety, including both police and fire, but when asked why the city simply won't cut $3 million from existing spending elsewhere, Ergo responded:
"we have more revenue coming (due to massive tax increases) so we are trying to restore some of the previous cuts made elsewhere."
So, try to go back to the wild spending habits that got us into this mess into the first place?

Yes, exactly.

Aurora City Council will consider hitting taxpayers with an extra $3 million in spending at the city council meeting on Tuesday.  "Coincidentally" they will also be considering a scheme to shakedown the children and taxpayers of the East Aurora School District on the same evening.

Ergo said:
"that's just a coincidence."
Yes, we know...everything that happens around Aurora and associated with City Hall turns out to be just a "coincidence."

Note:  click here for Facebook event on Tuesday's Aurora City Council meeting


Anonymous said...

Has the city of aurora under Weisner ever come back in the middle of the year and said we would like to spend LESS?

If you keep giving them money, they will keep spending it.

Anonymous said...

there is a ton of savings by trimming the fire department management.

Anonymous said...

Openline get an updated list of payroll records and look at
how some of those management salaries are arrived at.

Anonymous said...

The Whizz needs some financial and political lessons from Wisconsin. Now there is a governor that knows how to handle the EVIL UNIONS and their citizen robbing tactics.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the way our illustrious city/fire department treats its hardworking employees:

Anonymous said...

They should open all mgmt, advisory positions to competitive buy down the salary contractor based bidding. I bet you could find a fully qualified useful person to do Nelson's job for 58k a year with no benefits other than access to the city';s group insurance (i.e they pay the full freight for insurance).

Same with almost every position - all maintenance, mechanics, etc.

Anonymous said...

6/11/12 3:54 PM

If you want to see that list, YOU need to get it and then send it to Openline. Openline doesn't do ANY investigation, and only posts and writes about what others send him.