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Monday, June 25, 2012

Executive Director of America's Worst Slumlords, Aurora Housing Authority (AHA), Steps Down; Is Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Too "Chicken" To Fire Little Al Schuler and Bill Burns From Board?

Jean Federman, Executive Director of America's Worst Slumlords, Aurora Housing Authority (AHA), has announced she will "retire" soon.

Since becoming Executive Director, Federman has been focused on various schemes to exploit taxpayers and the poor, including the highly offensive schemes to rebuild the Jericho Circle slum on Aurora's near west side and further destroy the future of residents forced to live in public housing and the quality of life for all of Aurora.

Only due to the initiative by the community, school district, taxpayers and Alderman Rick Lawrence, the AHA has been prevented from going full speed ahead with the Jericho Circle scheme.

With Federman's failure to move the scheme forward, is that why she is out?

The previous executive director was ousted because she questioned the priorities of the board, which has been led by Little Al Schuler and Bill Burns, overseeing a chronic failure of public housing.

Yet another executive director, Richard Brace, had been fired for questioning the board's schemes and refusal to change.

The question isn't who will be the next Executive Director asked to carry out the schemes and exploitation of the Board, but the much more important question, given the Jericho Circle fiasco, is why hasn't Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner FIRED board members Little Al Schuler and Bill Burns?

Schuler and Burns say they won't resign.

Weisner beat his chest in various public statements, but took no action to remove Schuler or Burns, despite accusing them of misleading the community.

Schuler and Burns are also related to two city council members, Alderman Scheketa Hart-Burns and Alderman Abigail Schuler.

When asked if that's what's preventing Weisner from firing them, Schuler laughed and told a source:

"Tom doesn't have the guts to fire us.  He's chicken.  He's just trying to blame us when we are trying to solve the problems he created.  We aren't the ones who should be fired."

City spokesgirl Carie Ergo, who is paid over $160K annually by taxpayers to defend the mayor in these situations, had no response.

Federman says she will continue to stay on with AHA in a transition until a new Executive Director is in place.


Anonymous said...

Tom is worried about his own reelection

Anonymous said...

Really, Why would that be?

Anonymous said...

I predict Weisner will lose his job before Schuler and Burns, but they will all be gone in less than a year.

Anonymous said...

10:40 what is your basis for that prediction?

Anonymous said...

Who is lining up to run against Weisner?

Anonymous said...

Fire the bastards!

Anonymous said...

I predict Rick Lawrence loses his next election as Alderman due to his crack addiction, falls into a hole and dies.

Anonymous said...

ecisedp 269Is Brace back on the wagon?

Anonymous said...

Sorry 12:08, I suspect that as long keeps running for Alderman he'll keep winning. Whether he could win a mayoral race (assuming he stayed in and didn't chicken out again) is a totally different question.

Oh, I don't believe for a second that he's a crack addict. You, I'm not so sure about.