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Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Message From Michael and Lisa Madigan

Father's Day
A Message from Lisa Madigan to Mike Madigan

Dear Daddy...I mean Mr. Speaker,

You are the greatest Dad ever.  You got me this cool Attorney General job, and that was after you got me that neat state senate seat.

Also, thanks having all your union friends be real nice to me, they send me tons of campaign money at Christmas time, they must be rich!

My brother-in-law loves that job at Metra you gave him.  He loved playing with toy trains growing up.  I don't understand why the Republicans complain about the economy, all our family friends have great jobs!

You've done so much for the family, I'm glad you took time last month to make sure you got a bigger pension.  You've been working so hard for the rest of us!

See you at Saputo's next week!


P.S.  I know we've been helping that incompetent alderman, Stephanie Kifowit, from Aurora try to get the state rep seat, but those people in Aurora and Naperville are starting to catch on that we are trying to rig and manipulate the election with our thugs.


Anonymous said...

Things must be to hot for Rick all the comments about him got deleted imagine that

Anonymous said...

I liked the Kifowit comment - it was so true.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that none of the Rick the lunatic Lawerance comments got restored