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Monday, June 04, 2012

Illinois So-Called Attorney General Political Mafia Princess Lisa Madigan Will Use Official Capacity to Attack Illinois Law

Lisa Madigan, gay advocate and political mafia princess of Illinois,
pictured with taxpayer exploiter Aurora party girl alderman Stephanie Kifowit

Illinois law does not allow gay marriage.  That's the law, regardless of your view on gay marriage, civil unions, morality or gay rights.

It's about whether or not the chief so-called "attorney" for the state is supposed to follow and defend the law or use her official capacity to attack it.

Lisa Madigan, the political mafia princess of Illinois, has been elevated by her father, Dictator Michael Madigan, to the position of attorney general despite little experience in the law, litigation or court.

Her primary experience is being a politician.  She strongly supports gay rights and advocates for gay issues.

So, now in her official capacity as attorney general, she's doing something that would not only be a conflict-of-interest to anyone with common sense, but is directly attacking the law instead of defending it.

Madigan announced she and her office will be joining a lawsuit against the state's ban on gay marriage by presenting "the Court with arguments that explain why the challenged statutory provisions do not satisfy the guarantee under the Illinois Constitution."

The state's so-called attorney general will argue why state law should be followed.

We say if Lisa Madigan wants to pursue her personal or political views, she definitely should do so, but not at our expense and using the official capacity of the state.

In a state full of incompetent leadership, Lisa Madigan is proving she is part of the problem, not the solution.


Anonymous said...

Gay rights are HUMAN RIGHTS.

No, I'm not gay; I've been happily married for 33 years & have raised children who are college-educated and gainfully employed. But I want my co-worker and his partner, and my lesbian neighbors to have the same rights my husband and I have under the law as a married couple. It's the right thing to do--and good for Lisa Madigan for advocating for HUMAN RIGHTS.

Anonymous said...

6:47 Well ain't love grand. How would you like one of these muff divers going down on you?

Anonymous said...

the female white eric holder right here in illinois.

Anonymous said...

to the first comment, the point has nothing to do with human rights. Gay couples aren't being denied the "human right" to be gay and if they want to be a couple, Illinois gives them an option for civil unions. If you decide to marry a tree, you can say it's your "human right" to love a tree, but that doesn't mean we have to give it the full definition of marriage.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Madigan's responsibility is to defend and enforce Illinois law.

She took an oath to do so. So, if she wants to work AGAINST the law of Illinois, she should do it as a private citizen, not using the taxpayer's office.

Anonymous said...

Openline once again just can't get a simple fact thru his head. Lisa Madigan was elected Attorney General BY THE VOTERS. She wasn't appointed by her father, or the Governor, or Tom Cross, or anyone. SHE WAS ELECTED.

And 10:02, the Attorney General's primary job is to represent THE PEOPLE of Illinois. Not to blindly enforce any and all laws that the legislature might pass and the Governor might sign. If a law is enacted that the Attorney General believes infringes on THE PEOPLE'S constitutional rights, it is his or her DUTY to challenge that law. THAT is what she took an oath to do. The ultimate decider on the constitutionality of that law would be the Illinois Supreme Court. Only after they've declared it constitutional is she then duty bound to defend and enforce that law.

Anonymous said...

Most folks get that Lisa is probably bi, given Stephie would do anything to hold higher office the odds are Lisa has her picking carpet fibers from between her teeth.

Anonymous said...

another fair illinois election??? accorn droppings along with democrate droppings...

Anonymous said...

So THAT'S how Judy Baar Topinka and Dan Rutherford won office! It was acorn and the democrats!

Anonymous said...

9:07 you're forgetting Madigan has been elected THREE TIMES. The first one against Birkett was close (although I'll never understand how 47% of the people voted for him after he was part of the office that kept trying to put Cruz & Hernandez to death AFTER Dugan had already confessed to the crime). The second one she got 72% of the vote, and the third one 65%. There's no way Acorn or the Democrats are that powerful, she HAD to have gotten a lot of Independent and even some Republican votes.