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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oscar the Grouch Reminds You to Pay More for City of Aurora Garbage and Think Of Tom Weisner When You Take Out the Trash

It's about that time of the year.  Another tax or fee increase courtesy of Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner.

Oscar the Grouch reminds Aurora taxpayers that starting July 1, you need to pay more for your city stickers and, as always, to think of Tom Weisner when you take out the trash.

  • New (Yellow) Sticker Price:  $2.68
  • New Monthly Fee on your water bill:  $3.45
  • Old (Orange) stickers good through August 31, 2012
  • Senior Bags now $1.34
  • Senior Monthly Fee now $2.45
  • 65 Gallon Cart Monthly Fee now $15.47
  • 95 Gallon Cart Monthly Fee now $18.82

NOTE:  Any resemblance or similarity between Oscar the Grouch and Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner is purely a coincidence and no offense is intended toward Oscar.

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