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Monday, June 25, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Arizona Immigration Law

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a major immigration ruling, upheld parts of Arizona's strict law targeting illegal immigrants, but said the federal government has the ultimate authority to decide who will be held on immigration charges and deported.

The decision is a partial victory for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer as well as for President Obama, whose administration had sued to block the state law from taking effect.

The justices said Arizona's police can stop, question and briefly detain immigrants if officers have reason to believe they are in the country illegally. This was seen as a key part of the state's law.

But the justices said the police have limited authority. They must check with federal immigration agents before deciding to hold the suspects.

The justices also blocked parts of Arizona's SB 1070 that would have made it a state crime for illegal immigrants to fail to carry documents or to seek work.

The court's decision appears to give states such as Arizona a quite limited role in enforcing the laws against illegal immigrants. Their police can notify federal agents if they have a suspect in custody, but they cannot keep them in a county jail on state charges.

via Chicago Tribune and AP


Anonymous said...

Looks like the COMMUNIST COURT is in OBMUMMERS corner. It is now us, the citizens against the government period. I feel another civil war is brewing. Not the North vs. South but the citizens against the government. Hopefully there are more of us than there are of them. Any country allowing non citizens to vote is doomed to failure and quite soon I fear. The lazy, indolent and immoral citizens of this country have now succeeded in destroying it.Like ole Jerimaiah said the chickens have surely come to roost. Hope good old LBJ is enjoying his dance with the devil while the devil is among us.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Obama says that the law left intact by the Supreme Court hurts American citizens. I'm confused. illegal aliens aren't citizens, which is the crux of the problem. citizens have birth certificates that they can carry to prove citizenship - I don't see anything wrong in requiring me to do that. I'm all for it. I think I will get my passport renewed as well.

Anonymous said...

By this logic, since the FBI is the ultimate authority with regards to bank robberies, local police are no longer allowed to apprehend and hold bank robbers. That's Washington's job. And if Washington decides they don't have the resources or political will to enforce the laws against robbing banks, well then local law enforcement still would be barred from pursuing the criminals.

Bunch of morons.

Anonymous said...

...oh, and don't even think about passing LOCAL laws against robbing banks. You don't have the authority (read 'permission from Washington').

Anonymous said...

SO which of the proud SCOTUS members do you want in the foxhole with you? Would be nice if they could be impeached along with Curious George and his crew.

Anonymous said...

5:28 the point is that the only ones who are ever going to be asked to show their proof of citizenship are the hispanics. As a caucasian, I can walk around w/o carrying any ID at all and I'll probably never get stopped and asked for it. On the other hand, Sherrif Joe and his boys will stop every hispanic they see and ask for ID. That's the reality, and if the person doesn't have their ID on them, they're off to the police station. Then when it turns out they're an American citizen, they'll be released -- but not until after spending some hours locked in a cell w/ some scumbag criminal. THAT'S how it's going to hurt our citizens.

Anonymous said...

6/27/12 are a moron, When the fuck do you leave your house without ID? Are that fuckin stupid? Do you drive without a drivers license too?? Whenever I leave my home, I always carry my wallet with my IDs and drivers license...its common sense! If you hispanics fuck up this country like Mexico.....where do you plan on going to next? Canada?? good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

6/29 1:00 AM - there's definitely a moron involved in this post (which is the case with most of this blog's postings) but it is you and not 5:28. You've missed the point completely, which is not whether one carries ID or not, but that the racist sheriff and his klan will now be able to stop every brown-skinned person they encounter. That just HAS to be Sheriff Joe's wetdream.

Anonymous said...

This is 4:09. I almost always have my drivers license w/ me when I drive (I have forgotten my wallet once or twice). But I don't carry my wallet when I walk 5 houses down to visit the neighbor. Or if I take the dog for a walk around the block. Or if I parked on the street and I walk over to get something out of the car. Or if I'm with someone else and they're driving, and I'm not going to be drinking and don't feel the need to carry my "papers" with me. Maybe we need a law that requires ALL Americans to come into the police department, or maybe a post office, and get a passport and they be REQUIRED to carry it at all times. All Americans, of all races, genders, and ages. No individual choice of whether to carry your "papers" allowed. I guess that's what you'd prefer.

BTW, the name calling just weakens your arguments. And you seem to have a reading comprehension problem. You say "you hispanics" when I clearly stated I'm caucasian. Strange you have a problem with hispanics, given that so many of them come from families that have lived here much longer than your family has.