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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weisner-Blago Crony Causes Jesse Jackson Jr Exhaustion - "I've Got a Nayak"

If Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner suddenly goes AWOL
or feels "exhausted", it could be because he's got a Nayak

What happened to Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr (aka "JJJ")  to cause him "exhaustion" all of a sudden?

***Symptom:  individual says "I've got a Nayak!"

***Diagnosis:  pressure from US Attorney's Office and FBI

***Treatment:  for corrupt politicians, run and hide

Is it a "coincidence" JJJ went AWOL after news broke about Raghuveer Nayak being indicted and arrested by the Feds?  You know, the close fundraiser and buddy of Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and current federal inmate Rod Blagojevich, who was arrested and indicted by the Feds?

Nayak was allegedly involved in the scheme to raise a million bucks for Blago to get JJJ appointed to the former U.S. Senate seat in Illinois of President Barack Obama.

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, who has a long history of going AWOL, even before he became mayor, when he disappeared from his duties under the previous administration of David Stover, has been silent on his close friend, Ragu Nayak, as well.

However, if Weisner goes AWOL again or disappears due to "exhaustion," it could be because he's got a much bigger Nayak problem.

Carol Marin and Chicago Tonight look into the disappearance of Jesse Jackson Jr (see video).

NOTE:  If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Jesse Jackson Jr, please let us know in the comment section.  Rumors that he was seen at the home of Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner after the arrest of Nayak have not been confirmed.


Anonymous said...

These leaches just cannot live outside of the government. His old man, him, and his wife all are on the dole. WTF. Don't these assholes have any gumption for honest work?

Al Kohollick said...

Openline did an excellent job of exposing Nayak a few years back...good job guys.