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Thursday, June 07, 2012

West Aurora Band Program Begins New Chapter for Premier Program

West Aurora has named Rodney Schueller as the new band director for one of the best music programs in the State of Illinois.

In addition to a doctorate from Michigan State University, Schueller has had experience teaching at Northern Illinois University (NIU) and Western Illinois University before most recently at Texas State University.

He replaces Steve Orland, who was terminated after sexual misconduct allegations.


Anonymous said...

Who cares Rydland covered for the last guy not exactly news

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rick Lawerance can save the day

Anonymous said...

Good call, District 129! Meanwhile, here in D131 we're stuck with the results of the "School Board From Hell" blunder of several years ago: a desperation hire responsible for this past year's moldy band uniforms and Division IV ratings at Solo & Ensemble contest. Not blaming the director, but the corrupt administration.

Anonymous said...

Oh great--now the East High band will look & sound even worse by comparison. I'm SO glad I moved to the West side; yes, the taxes are higher but the results are worth it!

Anonymous said...

I love it when Dr. Schueller says, "this is a band community". On the west side, maybe; in this district, not so much.

Don't think he won't Google and read about how our high school band director was treated by administration several years ago.

And how one of the current D129 School Board members' wife was largely responsible.

Welcome to Aurora, Dr. Schueller!