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Monday, June 18, 2012

Would Aurora Police Pull Over President Barack Obama for Tinted Windows? Citations Skyrocket for Everyone Else

Aurora Police have skyrocketed the number of citations issued for "illegal" tinted windows on vehicles.

According to a report, Aurora Police issued 291 citations during the first five months of 2012 compared to only 2 citations during the same period a year earlier.

That's in part due to a device being used to measure the percentage of light that can go through windows.

But first, what is the law in Illinois?  Daily Herald reports:

The state law regulating tint was intended as a precautionary measure for law enforcement after a police officer in LaGrange was shot in the face with a shotgun during a routine traffic stop, according to state Sen. Matt Murphy's staff...
...the amount of tint alllowed on a vehicle's front windows depends on the darkness of its back windows.  The darker the back windows, the lighter the front windows must be in order to retain visibility...
...if a car's back windows have tint installed by the manufacturer or tint install later that allows less than 30 percent of light through, then at least 50 percent of light must be able to shine through its front windows.
If a car's back windows allow more than 35 percent of light through, its front windows can be tinted more darkly, up to 65 percent.
...Aurora police test a vehicle's compliance using a light transmittance meter.  The device is placed on both sides of the window to get a reading, Aurora Sgt. Tom Hinterlong said.  Suspicion of illegally tinted windows counts as probable cause to pull over a vehicle and perform the test.

However, some viewers say that this may be more about finding excuses to pull over a vehicle or to rack up citations for revenue since there's no data to support that vehicles with tinted windows are involved with crime.

Should Aurora Police focus on tinted windows as probable cause to make a traffic stop or should they only pursue the matter if they are already making a stop for another reason?

Would Aurora Police pull over or issue a citation to President Barack Obama if he were rolling through in his Presidential state car?

NOTE:  Photo of Aurora Police courtesy Daily Herald.  To see the full text of the law in Illinois, click HERE


Anonymous said...

Well the Aurora police also have no problems stopping and harassing people for the crime of simply wearing black either. The jack booted thugs of APD think that wearing black is probable cause.

Anonymous said...

I say yes pull them over for tinted windows.tinted windows is against the law.

Anonymous said...

My, how things have changed. In the past, this blog has been a supporter of the Aurora police. Now, you are dumping on them. It appears that you only support the Aurora police when it suits your political purposes -- when the police are at odds with Weisner.

Also, who are the "viewers" you talk about in the post? There is probably no one except the author of the post. Openline is appears to be trying to stir up controversy.

Anonymous said...

They can't see those JUMBO drinks either! More commie control measures.

Anonymous said...

No, there is really no point to this article. There are a bunch of articles being put up now in order to bury the last few in which the comments have revealed Rick Lawrence to be the douche bag that he is.

Anonymous said...

12:45 I'm betting your post (and this one of mine) don't make it to the end of the day. I'm surprised Openline hasn't already deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Douche Bags, I just stumbled on this old post and had to chuckle. Here is a real blast from the recent past featuring the biggest douche Aurora has ever known:


Anonymous said...

I have just heard last night, That Matt Harrington who is a major political consultant, and former Campaign Director for many State Senators, State Reps. as well as Judges and Mayor's here in Illinois.

Has moved to Aurora this past winter. and was asked to run for office in our City. in which he said yes to.

This man is a great man, if you have not had a chance to meet him check out his Face book page. use to find him.

He has many position papers and news Stories that where written about him saving countless lives and bring in Jobs, as well as ideas on how to keep our kids safe from gangs and guns as well as convicted sex offenders.

Mr. Harrington biggest turn around for a local city was Berwyn.

Mr. Harrington has advised to Presidents,Gov,U.S. Senators aw well as many of the local congressmen and Women within our State.

Aurora need a man like Matt Harrington who bring new and bold Ideas. As well as the ability to create Jobs for our city.

Help cut the fat and waste from our budget within our city, his proven record to help cut taxes is just one of his greatest assets for our city.

I just like to know soon if he's running for Mayor or Alderman.

Which ever it might be. I am sure glad he coming in fix this mess that we are in.
4/6/10 12:01 PM


I love is, a major political consultant who got thrown off the ballot and almost arrested for electioneering at the poling place.

Every time I get depressed about this city I just think how much worse it would have been is Matt Harrington had gotten elected as alderman at large.

Anonymous said...

And the above was a set up for the following question:

Who is going to run against the source of almost all of Aurora's problems: Bob O'Connor?

Anonymous said...

Tinted windows are not probable cause for anything.

This Law is crazy. It is nothing more than a way to increase revenue so the idiots on city council and the mayor can give even more of your money to their buddies to help them stay in office.

It also amounts to harassment if you ask me. WHY have these citations gone from 5 last year at this time to 300 plus this past month????? I thought crime in Aurora was down under the Wiz??? At least as long as he is allowed to manipulate the statistic.

I personally think the Cops are just trying to do their Jobs it is the Command staff and the mayor who are the issue. However, one must wonder when as a rank and file cop you must stand up for the citizen's and against your bosses for the sake of fairness and liberty.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the mayor is worried that people are using tinted windows to hide their tattoos?

Anonymous said...

My first thought was its good to go after tinted windows if they are violating the law BUT after learning they are targeting drivers for probable cause, I don't think that is justified. By all means, if they pull over a car for some other reason and find it's in violation, that's fine.

And, the blog raises a fascinating question. What would the APD do if it were the President or some other celeb or VIP in a limo with tinted windows? If you believe it's okay to pull over just anyone, then the law should apply equally to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Openline clearly states this post was based on a story by the Daily Herald, yet some crybabies are blaming the blog for talking about it? And how does Rick Lawrence have anything to do with the Daily Herald and blog writing about the issue.

Also, as another person pointed out, APD's rank-n-file officers don't come up these ideas to go after drivers based upon suspicion. That's because someone in the upper levels of the police palace are directing that.

Anonymous said...

11:46 - The law only applies to the front windows of a vehicle. So as long as the front windows of a limo are not tinted there is no problem.

Anonymous said...

The City budget is in far worse shape than the bearded leader is willing to admit. Millions of dollars extorted from tax payers have been misspent, and city coffers in serious need of replenishment. With elections on the horizon any increase in taxes or service fees is out of the question and the seriously lacking brain trust at 44 East have decided the police are wasting too much time serving and protecting the public, and could be much better utilized writing citatations which provide a monetary return

Anonymous said...

Im all for it...go after the tinted windows, then go after the idiots with those huge oversized wheels next, then go after assholes who modify there tailights or cover them with black plastic or eliminating them all together. I saw one jerk riding around in a low rider Ford Ranger with no tailights...just a little line of LEDS...The DOT Laws need to be updated...thats the problem.

Anonymous said...

Might find him sucking on mary jane among other things.

Axel Petrelli said...

Of course not. Even though the presidential car is very well tinted, the police knows it that it is for the protection of the president. He would not mind the window tint Aurora or else it may cause him his job.