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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

After Increasing Taxes for Aurora Taxpayers, Aurora Public Library Decreases Fees for Non-Residents and Closes Branches Early So Some Staff Can Get More Personal Time At Your Expense

Even though today, July 3rd, is not a legal holiday, the Aurora Public Library its closing branches much earlier at 5pm instead of the normal 9pm closing time.

The reason?

Not because people will not need to use the library or that people won't use the library.

In fact, the Naperville Public Library and all their branches are staying open as usual until 9pm and officials there say they expect attendance to be normal and possibly higher since most kids are not in school.

However, Aurora Public Library is closing early so that "some staff members" can have more personal time to "prepare" for the 4th of July, including travel, according to Amy Roth, the library's spokesgirl.

Public facilities often close for holidays and some close early on certain days for various reasons, but for the PERSONAL plans of some staff members?


Is the personal time of public library employees more valuable than a police officer or firefighter?

But wait, it gets worse.

Aurora Public Library, which has increased taxes for all Aurora taxpayers and residents, has announced a significant decrease in fees for NON-RESIDENTS to have a card.

Two years ago, they charged $190 and now, as of July 1st, they will charge $160.

So, let's do the math and review the priorities for the Aurora Public Library:

Aurora Taxpayers
= Pay More

Non-Residents who pay no taxes
= Pay Less

Considering the library is spending $30 million for a bigger book distribution facility that "coincidentally" rewards cronies and campaign contributors of Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and has thus far failed to demonstrate how it will boldly change from the old library model to a technology and learning environment, if anyone should be receiving an reduced or decreased fees, it should be Aurora taxpayers first.

Amy Roth, the library spokesgirl, has not yet responded to our request for an explanation.

Maybe she's left early today so she can focus on her personal plans and preparation for July 4th.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how this could be possible. Is the library that clueless? And these are the people we are giving $30 million to spend of MY money?

Anonymous said...

I think this says it all:

Aurora Taxpayers
= Pay More

Non-Residents who pay no taxes
= Pay Less

Amy Roth said...

The library is closing at 5, and this is actually saving the library money as no paid time off is being given. And Spokesgirl Amy Roth is still working, spending work time trying to answer questions posted by some anonymous goons. As for the nonresident cards, only about 50 people took advantage of this last year. Here is the equation used for the determination of the fees.State of Illinois LAW provides that a library service area can set their nonresident fee using a mathematical formula provided by the state and approved by the library's board of directors. The fee, according to the LAW, must be equitable and proportionate to the fee paid by residents, but not less than average. The nonresident fee for last year was $165 and about 50 households subscribed. The 2012-2013 nonresident fees were decreased to $160 per household to comply with the state LAW. The 2010 federal census figures and the recently provided tax revenue figures were the primary factors in the new average. Here is exactly how the fee was determined this year. Library income from local property taxes: $10,159,967, divided by population of service area: 197,899 (US Census Bureau figures) equals $54.06 -- the cost of service per capita. This amount is multiplied by the average number of persons per household: 3.04 (U.S. Census Bureau). So, the minimum non-resident fee per household is $156.04. The board rounded the figure to 160. That is the detailed explanation as to how the nonresident fee is determined by state law.

Anonymous said...

Amy, you're being polite. "goons" is way too nice a word for Openline et al.

Anonymous said...

Oak Brook Public Library closed at 1:00 pm today. It is not unheard of for a public library to close early on the day preceding a national holiday.

Anonymous said...

Ah Openline, the comics of newzine blogs. Love the anon rants posted by people that haven't a clue. I think you need to visit the Library more and grow a brain cell or two.

Gotta love people that hate the Library but yet seem to have the wisdom to know how to run one. (not)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the library would have been real crowded tonight..NOT! Openline keep grinding those axes!

OpenlineBlog said...

Even with Amy Roth's unprofessional conduct, we appreciate her belated response several hours later.

As she is already aware, her explanation is not consistent with other libraries and does not change the following fact:


And, we note the Naperville Public Library staff did not abandon the public today and worked a normal schedule.

Anonymous said...

And as YOU are aware Openline, her explanation IS consistent with some other public libraries (like apparently Oak Brook). Some libraries (like Naperville) stayed open, others closed early. I agree w/ 10:10 -- I think the library would have been empty, and then Openline would be talking about how the Aurora Library wasted money staying open when the Oak Brook library closed early.

The reason you think Roth's conduct was unprofessional was because instead of waiting just a little over 3 hours to get the response and the actual facts, you went ahead and ran your rant which was later clearly shown to be a big load of bovine excrement.

Amy, thank you for your explanation, and as an Aurora taxpayer and library patron, thank you to the library administration for saving us money.

BTW Openline, you're always ranting about the new library not being all about technology, and wanting to burn all the books. Well, in reality the library is open 24/7, even today. I checked out an e-book yesterday afternoon (Growing Up Laughing by Marlo Thomas), and have been enjoying reading it.

Anonymous said...

sorry openline,
you blew this one. many government/quasi government agencies adjust their hours during holidays. no biggie compared to other issues concerning the library.
as for non-resident fees they don't seem to have changed all that much, and i as a tax payer do not feel i am subsidizing those non-residents who pay to use the library.
let's keep our eye on the ball, and continue reporting on the corruption and back-room dealings of this mayoral administration. the bearded leader deserves to be behind bars for any personal gain he has made thru spending of tax payer dollars, and hatchet man deleon should be in the cell right beside him.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that every hour the library is open on an extremely hot day can mean a lot of expense for electricity to run the air conditioning. It is actually financially responsible to close early and save taxpayers that expense.

Anonymous said...

It is actually financially responsible to close early and save taxpayers that expense.

Yes you are correct. They should shut down early during heat warning and drive the homeless outside where their drug infused and alcohol laden bodies can expire in the sun. That would obviously be away to save the taxpayers some money.