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Monday, July 30, 2012

Death at Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility Prompts Questions Such As "Why Are Tattoo Parlors Regulated More Than an Abortion Facility?"

Aurora, Illinois is home to one of the most controversial Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in the nation, when it was built under deception on Aurora's far east side and with the winks and nods of various corrupt city officials, including Mayor Tom Weisner.

Regardless of your moral view of abortion, it's currently legal in Illinois and while the Aurora facility may not be legal due to zoning and failure to obtain a special-use permit, there's nothing stopping Planned Parenthood from building a facility that is properly zoned.

Even pro-life or pro-abortion supporters should be able to agree on one thing...which is that ANY type of surgical procedure must be done in a safe manner.

However, after the recent death of 24 year old Tonya Reaves at the Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago, we are reminded that Planned Parenthood's abortion facilities are not regulated like outpatient ambulatory surgical centers and not even inspected by any health officials from the state.

In Aurora, it's even more bizarre.  The city is regulating tattoo parlors far more than an abortion facility that involves far more risky and invasive procedures.

Illinois Review reports:

Illinois law does not require Planned Parenthood's clinics to be inspected by the state's Department of Public Health. This lack of oversight is particularly negligent in light of the fact that Reaves' second trimester abortion was performed in Planned Parenthood's Loop Health Center in Chicago, a facility that, according to its own website, refers all surgical procedures to two other abortion clinics, only offering "medication abortion," commonly known as the "abortion pill," at the downtown site.
It is noteworthy that in the last legislative session, the Illinois legislature failed to call for a vote on H.B. 4117 which would have required all abortion clinics to meet the same health and safety standards as all other ambulatory surgical treatment centers, including those run by Planned Parenthood.

Due to Illinois being the only state in the surrounding region without parental notification laws in effect (thanks in part to Lisa Madigan and others who support abortion), the issue of safety is even more serious when considering teenagers who travel to facilities such as Aurora may incorrectly assume the facility is "approved" or "inspected" by health or public officials and "safe" to handle any emergency or complication.

Aurora's so-called corporation counsel, Alayne Weingartz, who usually jumps at the chance to regulate anything on behalf of Mayor Weisner and pursued the regulation of tattoo parlors, is silent when it comes to any regulation on abortion facilities.

So, should abortion facilities in Illinois be held at least to the same health and safety standards as tattoo parlors and ambulatory surgical center facilities?  If not, why?


d. lentz said...

Hello liberal hypocrites! More regulation everywhere but the sacred Planned Parenthood. Why won't any of the womyn's rights followers fight for young girls' health and safety?

Anonymous said...

Follow the money right back to the liberal Demonrat politicians, like Mayor Weiner to see the corruption.
There's not one diagnostic cancer screening tool in those places. They exist to channel votes and hiding places for the demonrats. On the bright side we could win by attrition if they'd abort themselves!!! How else can they get rid of kennedy's and clinton's love children??

Anonymous said...

Nayak and his associates funneled 10,s of thousands to Tom Wiesner.

Anonymous said...

I guess then we should have more regulation at all doctor's and dentist's offices. There are a lot of minor procedures done there at lower cost, that still could have the potential for life-threatening complications (although very unlikely). Hemorrhoid surgery, a very minor procedure, in rare occassions results in significant bleeding. Even just getting a flu or other shot could send someone into anaphylactic shock -- maybe we should require they all be done in hospitals. The AHA would love that. Imagine the bills -- "oh, you blew your nose, that's a box of tissue at $15. You had a headache? That's 2 regular strength actaminophen at $10 per pill". What happened to this young lady was a tragedy, but a VERY rare occurence.

And 7:47, there also aren't cancer screening tools in the vast majority of doctor's offices in the state. They refer out. My wife's mamographies are done at Edward. My colonoscopies are done at a gastroenterologist's office. The only cancer screenings actually done at my doctor's office are him looking at my moles (not exactly a sophisticated test) and his nurse drawing blood for a PSA test. (he doesn't even stick his finger up to check my prostate any more)

Anonymous said...

Is what Nayak did illegal?

Anonymous said...

Are you refering to the kick back scheme involving his medical facilities, and subsequent charges of income tax evasion, or his donation and/or securring donations for the bearded leaders campaign coffers.
Anyone who donates more than 100 bucks is either in love with the guy, expects something in return, or has been promised something of greater value than his donation.