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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Downtown Alive - Taxpayers Pay While Mayor Tom Weisner and Aurora City Council Play

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, a very wealthy man who is paid over $200,000 annually with vacation homes,  luxury pensions, a sprawling estate, cars provided by taxpayers and who keeps racking up campaign cash contributions from cronies and contractors that do business with the city, wants himself, his friends and the Aurora City Council to attend Downtown Alive for FREE while sticking a $5 fee to rest of taxpayers and public-at-large.

The event, which used to be free to the public, but due the Weisner administration's fiscal crisis and wild spending since 2005, now charges people to enter.

Not only the mayor is dishing out free tickets to his friends, cronies and the Aurora City Council, but he has a "VIP" area to further prove he and his cronies are above everyone else.

Alderman Rick Lawrence, the only city council member who consistently respects taxpayers, said it's wrong for city officials to go for free while telling everyone else they must pay.

Stephanie Lulay reports:

City staff sent alderman an email reminding them of the free passes.

 "We get free tickets to this and everyone else has to pay?" Lawrence said. 

"What the hell?  What are we, like Roman senators?"

Alderman Stephanie Kifowit, the "party girl" has been notorious for using taxpayers funds to attend parties and events for political purposes.

Others, such as Abigail Schuler, Bob O'Connor, John "Whitey" Peters and others have been known to also use the ward slush funds, money that is supposed to be used for neighborhoods, not parties.

A source close to Kifowit defends her use by saying "Stephanie never misses a party and never pays for it.  If she can't get the city to pay for it, then she will have her campaign donors or Michael Madigan pay for it."

And what about Mayor Tom Weisner?

City spokesgirl, who makes over $160,000 at taxpayer expense and also gets free tickets for herself, said the mayor is being "generous" by offering free tickets to certain people, but would not answer why he can't afford to pay to the $5 fee.

Lawrence said:

"It's $5.  Pay the $5."

NOTE:  If Tom Weisner wants to give free tickets to cronies, contributors and city council members, what about taxpayers?  Call the mayor's office at 630-256-3010 and ask for YOUR free ticket.


Anonymous said...

These elite want to charge us 5 bucks, but can't pay it themselves?

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy seems like a good option for the City to get out of the EVIL UNION CONTRACTS. Then the School districts should do the same. Of course it won't happen as then the donations would not come in for the re-election campaigns for all the union supported hacks in the city.

Larry J. Frieders said...

Maybe it's one of the ways they have of assuring there are some people there. Actually, I don't think I'd be attending even I received a free ticket.

Anonymous said...

Larry, we've gone a few times (back when it was free) and did actually enjoy it. It's been a while since we've been back, though. And I'm not interested in paying, knowing that the politicians and their donors get their tickets free at the same time they're whining about the budget.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out what must go through the minds of these Roman Senators at the City of Aurora?

Do they have any clue how stupid they look waltzing around with their free tickets in their VIP section?

The only good thing I can think of is that the mayor and city council don't collect a $75 attendance fee like they do all other meetings. Yes, they actually get $75 for attending any meeting.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that all this was made public. Now, maybe these politicians will be self conscious while the rest of us look at them (in their VIP section) for being freeloaders on the taxpayer's dime.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see an article about the medical insurance benefit that the alderman receive. Who cares about the five bucks compared to that! I understand that after serving two terms, which is a part time job, they then get medical insurance for themselves and their families for life?

Anonymous said...

I agree, 9:15. These part-time aldermen should NOT be getting health insurance.

Anonymous said...

Lets hear more about the alderman getting health insurance FOR LIFE????? Really????

Anonymous said...

12:23 Some say that's why Rick Lawrence bailed out on the run for Mayor a few years back. Supposedly he ran instead for another term as Alderman because he knew he could win that, and it would then give him that lifetime insurance benefit. (Mr. "We've got to spend the taxpayers' money wisely" -- huh) On the other hand he knew there was a good chance he'd lose the Mayoral race and then just be out.

We definitely shouldn't be giving these guys insurance that extends beyond their term in office -- but I don't think we should be giving them health insurance while they're in office, either.

Anonymous said...

I once heard that the board of Fox Sewer District got free health insurance appointed job.....could this be true? Any one know for sure?

Anonymous said...

PIGS at the trough.

Anonymous said...

Maybe OPENLINE can do a story on this. What are the benefits and actual take-home saleries of the alderman? It should be public record. Im not talking about base-but whot they take home with all the meetings and public appearences added up.

Anonymous said...

9:27 it depends on how you count it. Do you count Scheketa Hart-Burns two personal injury settlements against the city? If she was not an Alderwoman she would not have been able to pull of slip and fall chicanery?

Do you count contributions made to Kifowit's or Irvin’s campaign war chest or organizations who want them to vote a certain way who have their members work for their respective campaigns?

How do you count the health care Cadillac plan. I would assume for someone like Irvin, Lawrence, Kifowit that would be worth aroused 13-18k a year tax free.

Do you count Saville's personal work income that comes from a benefactor who consistently seems to manage to buy properties in his ward before the city acquires them?

How do you account for Garza's live in lover, who makes money by doing the contracting jobs she uses ward funds to purchase?

How do you count the way Burns and Schuler's families both benefit from their connections with AHA?

Do you count the consulting profits that accrue to Mervin with his Aldermanic connections? That is how he got the job, after failing as a consultant for the Aurora as a literary meccha failure.

And how many more years of pensionable activity does Peters get and with how many Government units. Let's see the township, the city, the park district - any others?

Oh and don't forget Tommy boy who is going to really screw the taxpayer with his extra income from the toll authority. That is a nice pension sweetener.

So how do you calculate all that?

Anonymous said...

For comparison check out the Bellwood mayor who made over 450 grand salary. Then turned around and boosted it by declaring he got 5 months of sick leave each year. These politicians must be excised from society or the whole thing is doomed just as I predicted some 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Weisner is getting TWO public salaries with the city and tollway. He is going to get Abigail fat pension in addition to other profits he's made as mayor

Anonymous said...

Peters NEVER met a free handout he couldn't handle. BE it Dinner or lunch at the country club, golfing or downtown alive. Shame Shame.

Anonymous said...

Who is Peter?

Al Kohollick said...

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Through the fog and fun of my Boones Farm buzz, I highly suspect the man who runs this blog is a U2 fan.......why else would he post the Edge's rendition of obscure tunes from Achtung Baby (Love is blindness)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick!

Anonymous said...

Rick Lawrence was busy that night. Breaking into houses.