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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Express Yourself...OpenlineBlog Re-Introduces Speak Out

Got an opinion or comment on any issue you want to voice with, uh...your voice?

We're re-introducing SPEAK OUT!

Call us at 630-618-2955 and simply leave your message.

We could select your comment to share with the world.  Yup, the whole wide world.

Are you required to leave your name and town?  No, it's optional but just remember to keep your comment brief if you want people to listen.

And, while we welcome any type of view, comments with extreme profanity are not likely to be published (sorry Tom Weisner, although we did like your poem about the corrupt mayor who sat on a bear...very introspective).

So, go yourself!

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Anonymous said...

ROFL Openline is always bashing the Beacon News, at the same time you're ALWAYS stealing from them. You started by stealing the name Open Line. We all remember that you started this blog when the Beacon start requiring people leave their name when they called their Open Line. But since you don't want to take responsibility for anything you say, you started this blog so everyone can have their anonymous say w/o worrying about whether it was true or not. Then over the years you're constantly stealing Beacon News stories, usually w/o attribution. And now, this morning's Beacon announces a new feature called Speak Out, essentially their Old Open Line but now you didn't have to leave your name, just your town. Then good old Openlineblog has to steal THAT idea, except you don't even have to leave your town.

If the Beacon is so bad, why do YOU keep stealing from them????

Anonymous said...

How did openline miss the latest Toll Road scandal covered in Chicago media. Toll Road is using eminent domain (condemnation) to take homes at "low ball" figures. Weisner sits on the same Toll Road board that is ripping off these homeowners.

Why is openline sleeping on this story?

Anonymous said...

It's too busy LMAO about the violated house on W. Downer.

Anonymous said...

6:44 you're under the mistaken impression that Openline is actually some kind of journalistic endeavor. He doesn't investigate, He doesn't report news, he just posts what he's given (especially if it comes from Rick Lawrence). Well, actually he does some editing. If what he's given is contrary to his own views, he'll twist the facts and truth to make it fit. He's like a little boy trying to get that square peg into a round hole -- he'll just keep hammering until it fits, true or not.

Anonymous said...

If Openline "welcomes any type of view", why do you selectively delete comments that have no profanity, do not personally attack anyone, and are not libellous -- but make valid points contrary to your opinions?

I guess to be fair I must admit you seem to have decreased how much you do that. It used to be a regular occurrence, now it just occassional.