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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Heat Keeps Some People Away From Aurora's Fourth of July Festivities But Fireworks Show Goes On; Watch The End in Aurora and Grand Finale for Boston

Extreme heat in various portions of the United States led to cancellation of various July 4th activities, but in Aurora (Illinois), the city's "festival" and fireworks show went forward.

Aurora also has a July 4th parade, but not run by the city any longer due to a fiscal crisis after years of wild spending by Mayor Tom Weisner and most of the Aurora City Council.

However, with the heat and temperatures at 100 degrees, being outdoors was not for everyone.  Naperville's Ribfest saw a slight dip in attendance, but our friends at the local paper reported on Aurora's festival:

"The grounds were pretty empty at 5 p.m., with only vendors, a sound stage and some slides for children.  The lot remained pretty empty on a hot summer afternoon with about four hours remaining until the fireworks."

A resident of the DuPage portion of Aurora, came to the far west side near IMSA (Illinois Math and Science Academy) to watch the fireworks, saying:

I always try to watch the Aurora fireworks.  Aurora charges twice the amount of taxes as Naperville and seems like they are always blowing my taxdollars on foolish things, so this is the one opportunity to see them blow up my taxdollars for something I can actually enjoy.

Don't worry, if you didn't see the Aurora fireworks show live (but still paid for it), thanks to a viewer, we've got the ending for you:

And, for a bonus, here's a finale second to none of the Boston fireworks show for Independence Day:

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