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Friday, July 06, 2012

Jesse Jackson Jr AWOL Mystery Deepens Since Suffering From Nayak Problem Like Rod Blagojevich and Tom Weisner

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, Gerry Galloway ("Popsicle Boy") and Raghuveer Nayak

Where's Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr?

Ever since Raghuveer Nayak, the close friend of Jackson, Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and former Governor Rod Blagojevich, was indicted and arrested by the Feds, the mystery of how, why and where Jackson has gone AWOL has got more mysterious.

Nayak, who has pumped money to corrupt politicians, made shady deals and has been charged with bribery, kickbacks and other schemes involving his outpatient surgery centers, is the owner of the Old Copley Hospital on the near east side of Aurora, in a deal arranged with his close friend, Tom Weisner.

But, where is Jackson and what is wrong with him?

His staff isn't saying much.

First, it was due to exhaustion.  Now, they are saying he is at an in-patient medical facility.  We note they didn't say hospital, so that could mean a lot of things.

Weisner, who went AWOL as a city employee during Aurora's Water Crisis before running for mayor and taken large chunks of time off during his terms as mayor for reasons not fully clear, did not have any comment on Jackson or his close buddy, Raghuveer Nayak.

A special investigation about corruption in Aurora led to questions about the sudden infusion of thousands of dollars in campaign cash by Nayak and his associates at the same time Weisner and his former campaign manager Gerry "Popsicle Boy" Galloway were working on deals (see photo) where Nayak ended up with a property that would be strategically in the area of an upcoming development by late developer Joseph Vantreese, who was later forced to buy the property from Nayak.

"That's all a coincidence" said Weisner's campaign spokesgirl, Carie Anne Ergo, who is also paid over $160,000 per year by taxpayers to write memos for the mayor.

Do you mean the campaign contributions and shady deals are just a coincidence or where he ended up buying property is a coincidence or is it all just a coincidence like how Weisner's campaign cronies "coincidentally" end up with city contracts at taxpayer expense?

And, what about Jesse Jackson Jr's mysterious disappearance?  Is that just like Tom Weisner going AWOL during Aurora's Water Crisis without any explanation when David Stover was mayor?

"That's just a coincidence, too" said Ergo.

So, if the Nayak problem, which has caused problems for Blago and Jackson suddenly results in Weisner feeling "exhausted" now you'll know if it is or isn't likely a "coincidence."

NOTE:  Weisner recently held a political fundraiser, where contractors and cronies were "coincidentally" busy stuffing his pockets with campaign cash.


Anonymous said...

Another buddy of Toms, the owner of Northgate, has been convicted in a murder for hire plot. Funny, the Beacon chose not to print this story but you can read it in Crains.

Anonymous said...

bearded leader seems to hang around with quite a few people in or on their way to jail

Anonymous said...

Yep, that snort sure can change your moods. Bet if the news people were really interested in finding out the cause of this mystery they could ask anyone in the house and get an answer. Things like this are impossible to hide. The media just is not interested in the real story. More interested in covering it up.