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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Obama White House Continues to Evade Admission Obamacare is a TAX; Attacks Those Who Can't Afford Health Insurance As Free Riders

Even after its own lawyers argued to the U. S. Supreme Court they should consider Obamacare and health care legislation as a tax, President Barack Obama and the White House continue to pretend it's not a tax.

Is it a tax?

Yes, according to the law.

No, according to the White House.

Who you gonna believe?

For political purposes, admitting its a tax means Obama broke his promise to not tax the poor and middle class and just go after the rich.

But, it's a TAX.

No, not if you close your eyes and count backwards from 10 and then call it a penalty.

And who are they penalizing?  The poor and those who can't afford health insurance.  You know, the people that Obama claimed he wanted to help.

Now, to save the President politically, the White House is attacking the poor, calling them "free riders."

We have some advice to Mitt Romney...if the Obama White House and campaign team continues to take this path, just keep your mouth shut because Obama will defeat Obama in November 2012.

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