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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Special Session Called to Deal With Illinois Pension Ponzi Scheme and Fiscal Crisis | Will Michael Madigan Continue to Destroy Illinois?

An interview with Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who has finally called a special session to deal with pension reform, but as most of our viewers know, all the power to stop or allow a solution goes back to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, the dictator of Illinois, who has overseen ALL problems during the last 40 years.

Madigan is currently involved with manipulating and rigging elections in Aurora and Naperville, trying to hijack a state rep to install an unethical, wild spending, dishonest stooge, Party Girl Stephanie Kifowit, in the seat.

We urge our local viewers to REJECT Michael Madigan's power grab in our community and instead vote for Pat Fee for State Representative to make sure we have someone with integrity, fiscal priorities and who will represent the people, not the political mafia of Illinois.

Illinois is in the worst fiscal crisis in history.  It's up to YOU to make sure we don't elect the political mafia to further DESTROY our state.


Anonymous said...

There we go, Openline. You were letting me down. With all the attention on the 4th ward and Lawrence, I KNEW you'd have to come up w/ something to go after Kifowit -- even something that doesn't actually involve her. Newsflash -- she's not in the legislature, and won't be at this "special session." Actually, when you were reading the Beacon News for stories to steal, you missed something THEY pointed out in their story on this "special session." The legislature had already scheduled to be in session on that day. By declaring this "special session", Quinn now brings other rules into play that means the session will cost 10s of thousands more than it would have! But he can brag about calling a special session. Blago used to call special sessions at the drop of the hat, costing the taxpayers tons of money that could have gone for other things.

Anonymous said...

The problem goes back to Jim Thompson. Madigan is only taking advantage of what Thompson gave away to the unions. Thompson legalized public employee stikes and forced local government to submit to binding arbitration to settle police and fire contracts. This led to the rise of the public employee unions in Illinois. Unions then directed contributions to political campaigns in return for increased benefits. Thompson gave away the store and Madigan was smart enough to take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Smart enough, or crooked enough? I wonder what personal benefits have been derived from Madigan's close association with union bigwigs. Who by the way have much more interest in increasing their own power and wealth then helping those they claim to represent.

Anonymous said...

12:37 you're close but missing a point. The police and fire are NOT allowed to strike; the binding arbitration was the alternative. And it's not just local government who was forced to submit to arbitration, the unions are also forced to submit to arbitration. The unions would have preferred no arbitration, but being allowed to strike. If they had that, they'd be getting paid even more than they are, and probably would have higher benefits.