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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Afraid to Remove Little Al Schuler and Bill Burns From Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) Board Due to Fear of Election 2013

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner says he wants to remove two of the Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) Board Members he appointed earlier.

No, not Chairman Little Al Schuler or Bill Burns, who Weisner said should "resign" but have instead laughed in his face.

He wants to replace Avis Miller and Myrna Molina and instead appoint former Aurora Police Chief Bill Powell and financial advisor Rey Cruz.

Even after Weisner accused Schuler and Burns of lying to everyone, why hasn't he replaced them yet?

Little Al Schuler is the father-in-law of 1st Ward Alderman Abigail Schuler and Bill Burns is the husband of 7th Ward Alderman Scheketa Hart-Burns.

Weisner hates Al Schuler and Bill Burns.  And, their feeling toward Weisner is the same.  However, as Election 2013 approaches and Weisner seeks to continue exploiting taxpayers, he's fearful of losing the support of the two city council members.

So, after Alderman Rick Lawrence recently asked why they mayor wasn't making changes to AHA after the Jericho Circle scheme, Weisner has reacted by trying to make a change, but instead going after Avis Miller and Myrna Molina, who are being tossed under the Weisner bus.

But, when Avis Miller was appointed to the Board in 2010, Weisner made a complete fool of himself by refusing to allow Lawrence to ask questions of her opinion (see video).  Turns out those opinions and questions really mattered after the saga of the last two years of the Jericho Circle scheme.

The video is an excellent reminder of how things really work in Aurora.  No questions allowed.


Anonymous said...

Everyone remember Weisner needs to win this election in order to get enough additional years in to pad his pension because of his extra outrageous compensation for his potion on the toll commission. If he does not win reelection the toll authority bump in his pension will only count for 50% of his toll authority salary rather than 100%.

Only in IL could a talentless life long teat sucking jackal like Weisner walk away from a lifelong crime spree of robbing honest men of their just earnings and get rewarded with a pension worth millions. It is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but he will still have a beautiful estate courtesy of Mundy. Saw the crew working on the whizz's house yesterday. Hmmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

He also needs four more years to pad the pensions of the worthless scum he has appointed to various management positions. No way Deleon and some of those other brown nosing idiots could possibly make it on their own.

Anonymous said...

Openline where is there the article on West Aurora Rick Lawerance's big Friend Jim Rydland looked guilty as charged. Rumor is there is a 2 million dollar lawsuit against the d129 schools. That means the whiz needs to work to pay the taxes for the $320,000 plus a year Stuperintendent that Neil Ormond and crew thinks is so great

DTOWN said...

great video of weisner clowning ricky lawerence

Anonymous said...

Rick and Jim are meeting to discuss another tax referendum on increasing the operating fund to cover increasing expenditures at a time they should be reducing expenses.