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Monday, August 27, 2012

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner "Scared" To Tell Gov Pat Quinn to Veto Gambling Expansion Bill That Would Harm Aurora Because of Tollway Gig

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner is scared to speak up loud and clear to tell Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn to veto massive gambling expansion legislation that would adversely affect Aurora by adding more casinos elsewhere, including Chicago.

Why is Weisner so scared?

Quinn appointed him to the Illinois Tollway Board, where Weisner led the biggest toll rate increase in Illinois history and Weisner receives not only TWO public salaries, but is using the tollway scheme to artificially pump up his pension even higher than he could get from working with the City of Aurora.

A source at City Hall said, "Weisner also knows Michael Madigan and Lisa Madigan want to expand gambling, so he doesn't want to make a big deal about this.  He figures if he just lays low and Quinn does the veto anyway, Weisner can pretend he had something to do with it and if Quinn signs the gambling expansion, he can say it was beyond him.  He just doesn't want to lose the tollway gig."

While Weisner hides and is more worried about his bank account than the best interests of the taxpayers he's exploiting, that doesn't mean you can't do something about it.

Call Pat Quinn at 800-642-3112...

...urge him to VETO gambling expansion (SB 1849) and remove Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner off the Illinois Tollway Board, too.

If Quinn fails to veto the legislation supported by the political mafia by Tuesday, it will automatically become law.


Anonymous said...

Weisner calling Quinn to veto the bill would be a total waste of time. Quinn couldn't care less what Weisner thinks. And whether Quinn vetoes this bill, or lets it go into effect, gambling expansion is inevitable. It was inevitable from the first moment that ANY form of gambling was authorized, that we'd eventually end up w/ land based casinos, video gambling machines, etc. all over the state. Just like the lottery was supposed to help education didn't happen, the "we're just going to approve these 10 riverboats and that's it" was never going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Tribune is reporting that the governor will veto the legislation.

Anonymous said...

Yes the governor vetoed this particular bill but he still voiced strong support for the gambling expansion itself. So it's definitely coming, just not right now. And the current casinos are going to lose more and more.