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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chicago and Illinois Political Mafia | Meet Andrew Madigan

Andrew Madigan, one of the political mafia's offspring, has used his powerful family's connections and political power, to gain access to "decision-makers" and mayors in various suburbs for business at taxpayer expense.  We can't wait to welcome him to Aurora, which is second to none for corruption.

Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune investigation:

The son of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is forging a successful insurance career in the Chicago suburbs with the help of mayors who look to his powerful father to advance their political and legislative agendas.

Andrew Madigan, 26, joined the powerhouse Chicago firm Mesirow Financial in 2008 after interning with the company during college. Since 2010, he has worked in business development for the company's insurance division, where he is now a vice president.

His job: connecting with decision-makers, laying the groundwork for new business and then handing over the details to teams of Mesirow insurance brokers who seal the deals.

His emergence into a political world long dominated by his father raises new questions about the intersection of the speaker's public and private interests.

In the last two years, Mesirow has won new government business tied to Andrew Madigan in more than a half-dozen suburbs, according to public records and Tribune interviews. In at least three towns where Mesirow won business — Chicago Heights, McCook and Bridgeview — the speaker did favors for the mayors around the same time the suburbs hired the firm.


Al Kohollick said...

Vice-President of a company at age 26? I'm sure these Suburban mayors understood the risks they took by not agreeing to be business with Mr. Andrew Madigan...(wink,wink,nudge,nudge)......When your Daddy is the most powerful man in Illinois and when you're Sister decides whether or not to prosecute you, then it becomes easier to solicit "insurance business". This is clearly a "conflict of interest" and should be looked at by a special prosecutor and/or "People for Better Government" which is Andy Shaw's group. We goddam well know that the Illinois Attorney General isn't going to look into the matter. Illinois's motto: "Where's mine?"

Anonymous said...

Crooks all!

Anonymous said...

Is a very intelligent hard working young man who certainly understands business.

Anonymous said...

Keep voting demonrats and see what you get!!!