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Friday, August 03, 2012

Corruption of Aurora | Chuck Anderson (aka "Shorty"), Tom Weisner and Political Mafia of Aurora Exploits the Little Guy and Plays While You Pay

From Chuck Anderson (aka "Shorty") and pictured above on the left) to the recently arrested and indicted Raghuveer Nayak (aka "Ragu" and see photo below on the right), Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's close friends and fundraisers work hard to stuff money into his pockets.

As part of an ongoing investigation into an intentionally misleading story published by Denise Crosby of the Beacon-News about a family on Downer Place on the west side of Aurora that falsely portrayed them as victims who simply went away for a week only to find their house "ransacked," we've learned an extensive smear campaign has been coordinated against the neighbors and Alderman Rick Lawrence by the political mafia of Aurora.

Sources say Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner is the mastermind of the smear campaign, but others, including Party Girl Alderman Stephanie Kifowit and their mutual political friend, Mavis Bates, were involved.

Aurora's so-called corporation counsel, Alayne Weingartz, also allegedly has a significant role.

They have certain things in common...they personally hate some of the particular neighbors for speaking out on the many blunders of the Weisner regime and they have a history of personal and political schemes against Alderman Lawrence.

Last week at the Aurora City Council meeting, the community spoke up and blasted the misleading story, smear campaign and political schemes.

However, one person, Chuck Anderson, strangely spoke up to attack the community and Alderman Lawrence.

Stephanie Lulay mistakenly portrayed Anderson in the Beacon-News as if he's just an average resident speaking up.  No, in fact, he is not just a resident.

She conveniently failed to mention Charles "Chuck" Anderson (who prefers to be called by his nickname "Shorty") has been manager of the Painters Union (aka "Painters District Council 30") since 1993.

Like the recently arrested and indicted Raghuveer Nayak, Chuck Anderson (aka "Shorty) is a close buddy and fundraiser for Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner.  Anderson (aka "Shorty") considers himself one of the kingpins of the political mafia in Aurora and he is currently involved in rigging elections from State Rep to Alderman.

His appearance was with the full knowledge, consent, encouragement and coordination of Tom Weisner.

For years, Chuck Anderson (aka "Shorty") and politicians like Tom Weisner have been shaking down hard-working people such as painters, electricians, plumbers and laborers, to exploit and extract funds, union dues and other ways to then take those funds for union political mafia bosses to live a luxury lifestyle, attend parties and stuff the pockets of politicians who, in return, give them seats on boards, commissions and affect policies that exploit taxpayers.

The politicians use the money to throw mud at opponents.  They reward their fat cat contributors with contracts and make them rich, only to have them dump more money back to them.

This viscious cycle is called the CORRUPTION OF AURORA.

And Chuck Anderson (aka "Shorty") and Tom Weisner are two of the worst offenders.

In an interview with members of the union, who asked not to be named due to the obvious and likely retaliation they would experience, said that during the recession and bad economy, they often sit without any work while their money was being used to fund lavish parties for union bosses and corrupt politicians.

"I work very hard but the Painters Union is today's mafia.  You have to pay them to be able to do business around here or they will make your life miserable.  I just want to earn to take care of my family, not pay some drunk frat boys who want to boost their ego by having their pictures taken with corrupt politicians.  They are living the high-life, giving away tens of thousands of OUR money to these politicians, who then heap praise back on them while those of us who actually work hard for a living suffer and are forced to keep paying" said a member.

Anderson (aka "Shorty"), who could not be reached for comment, has, in fact, has been getting rich off the little guy and making politicians like Tom Weisner rich, who in turns makes deals on projects that cost millions more than necessary making his cronies rich while taxpayers get blasted as part of the scheme.

They play.  You pay.

Another former candidate told us "when I started to run for office, I got a call from the Painters Union.  From Chuck Anderson (aka "Shorty") to Mark Guethle (aka "the Bully"), these thugs throw around money that they never earned and use it to exert power and influence.  If you are honest and ethical, they have no interest in you.  If you are dirty and corrupt, they will be your best friends.  That's why you see certain politicians using them to do some of their own dirty work."

You mean like Tom Weisner?


While Weisner has miserably failed in so many ways from mismanaging the city's finances to wild spending to increased taxes to incompetence to failed projects such as Shodeen, Restaurant Row, dumping money here, there and everywhere, we will give him and his buddies like Anderson, Guethle and Nayak immense and well-deserved credit for one thing.

When it comes to corruption, forget about Chicago...Aurora is second to none.

Note:  Viewers with information or tips regarding the corruption of Aurora are encouraged to contact our investigators at


Anonymous said...

Rick does protest too much.

When is somebody going to explain why the neighbors thought that they could go into someone's private home and remove property that did not belong to them. We all learn as early as kindergarten that we respect other people's property and do not take what does not belong to us.

I am still waiting for the neighbors to justify removing items from the house. Now that the owner has stated that he will not press criminal charges and the police have concluded their investigation, perhaps the neighbors will tell us how they justified their actions inside the house.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of rigged elections has anyone looked at the 42nd district State Senate race? It features Peter Hurtado running as a Republican aided by no less than Matt Harrington. Trouble is both Peter and Matt are Democrats.

Pete Hurtado – Democrat

In 2006 he is a Democrat for County Board, now miraculously he is a Republican – presto!

And of course Matt Harrington, who tries to portray himself as a Republican and Tea Party guy, of course he is a Chicago Democrat:

You might remember Harrington from this little escapade:

So you have to wonder about the Republican Party they are running a Democrat Hurtado who is using a Democrat Matt Harrington as a campaign manger. Talk about rigged, the Democrats cannot lose given they are both sides of the coin!

Of course this is the same Republican party under Tom Cross’ leadership that put Richard Irvin in office (who voted as a Democrat in the 2008 primary) so we should not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

There was a letter to the editor in yesterday's Beacon, where Dave Hipp admitted the neighbors made a conscious decision to NOT share their side of the story with the press. Then he goes on to again blast the press for not presenting their side of the story.

Interesting that Openline went to so much trouble to identify and "out" the one person who spoke against Openline's obviously biased position, but NOT any of those who spoke in support. You talk about "coordination" in getting Anderson to speak. How much "coordination" was involved in getting all those on the other side to speak? Another word for coordination, which Openline loves to use when it supports his own views, is conspiracy.

So the message from Openline here is clear: beware if you exercise your constitutional right to free speech, but dare to take the opposite view of Openline.

Anonymous said...

Er. Mah. Gerd. Rick, you have completely lost your damn mind. You screwed up, and the only reason you're not in jail, is because the homeowner did not want to press charges. Rick, you're wrong. The neighbors were wrong. If there is a smear campaign, it is because you are a lunatic. Do you seriously believe any of the BS you put in your blog ? You seriously need to resign, and check yourself into a mental hospital. I damn near pissed my pants reading this nonsense. Go away.

steve wennmacher said...

I've known Chuck Anderson since our sons went to Marmion together. Both played basebaseball for 4years and I got to know Chuck pretty well. I've always found him to be honest and hard working family man. He was always willing to help out at Marmion events. I confess I to am a democrat like my father and grandfather before me. I too was once president of the Aurora Police Union (APPO) When you have power people always want to critize and find fault in you. Chuck Anderson at least has the guts to stand up for what he believes and puts his money were his mouth is.
Unlike so many I will sign my name to this and be condemned to hell by the Openline gods. It's a bitch being perfect.
Steve Wennmacher

DTOWN said...

LOL...nice try at deflection. go to jail do not pass go rick

Anonymous said...

Way to go Steve!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I confess to being a democrat like my father and grandfather before me". A sure sign of a low IQ and the reason this state is in such deep trouble! There are just too many voters that FEEL this way and do not THINK before voting. Democrats feel while the smart voter thinks.

Anonymous said...

6:59 You're right about thinking for yourself. If you vote a certain way because that's how your grandfather/father/brother/whoever voted, whether Democrat or Republican, you're part of the problem, not the solution. Look how screwed up Congress is. The politicians there OF BOTH PARTIES think first about their party THEN about their constituents. Well, the lobbyists and donors are in the mix, definitely ahead of the constituents, and probably ahead of the party.

Anonymous said...

This post is all about retaliation for speaking out against Lawrence at city council.

Anonymous said...

I have one question. Did the bearded leader or any minions or friends of the cabal contact this shorty fellow in regards to speaking at the city council, and if so was it suggested as to what level he should express his rightous indignation towards Rick Lawrence.

Anonymous said...

For the answer to 7:03 to be meaningful, there needs to be some proof of whatever answer is provided. Not just Openline's usual unsubstantiated allegations. Also, in the interest of fairness, another question needs to be asked:
"Did the other bearded leader (Lawrence) or any minions or friends of HIS cabal contact any of the OTHERs in regards to speaking at the city council, and if so was it suggested as to what level they should express their rightous indignation towards Denise Crosby and their support of Rick Lawrence." I'm sure there was a lot more coordination on that side, w/ phone calls made to get certain people there, and recruiting speakers that would say the "right" thing.

Anonymous said...

Apples and oranges. The question as to any involvement on the part of the mayoral administration or friends in coordinating an effort to belittle the duly elected representative of the 4th ward, is a ligitiment question and deserves an honest answer.
This would not be the first time this mayors office has attempted to make a mountain out of a mole hill in their attempt to discredit those they consider political enemies.

Anonymous said...

It's NOT an apples/oranges thing. It's a FAIR COMPARISON AND VALID QUESTION, which is why you're trying to avoid it. If this had happened in the 3rd ward, and the alderman was Kifowit, Openline (and probably you) would be leading the charge blasting the neighbors and anyone who spoke up on her behalf.


Anonymous said...

Try any and all other wards and aldermen.

Anonymous said...

True, 8:52. In this very same situation, ward 4 and Lawrence are the only ones where Openline would support the neighbors and alderman, and launch gratuitous attacks against anyone who spoke against them. In all other wards, Openline would be blasting the neighbors and alderman. I just used 3rd was as an example because Openline has such an irrational hatred of Kifowit that the attacks against her and the neighbors would be particularly vicious.

Anonymous said...

Please refresh my memory: did any of the other aldermen speak about the situation, and in any way chastise Lawrence? I saw HE was quoted as saying going in the house was a mistake, but did any of the other aldermen? Because if this was in any other ward, Lawrence would have lambasted them at the council meeting.

Anonymous said...

You make an assumption which may or may not be valid. I would have to wonder why after admitting to having made an error in judgement, one would lamblast others finding themselves in similar circumstances.

Anonymous said...

It's an assumption based on past performance by Lawrence. He speaks out against the actions of his fellow aldermen much more than any of the rest of them do. I agree that NOW he wouldn't speak out, since he's the one that made the mistake. But if any of the others had made the mistake and not him, of course he would have blasted them. If he didn't, it would be totally out of character for him. But of course you already knew that. Just more of the distraction/deflection game.

Anonymous said...

Since the majority of the aldermen are owned lock, stock, and barrel by team Wiz, It would be unseemly for them to speak out against one another.

Anonymous said...

But they didn't speak out against Lawrence on this one, either. Of course the extent to which there may have been a back-room deal between Weisner and Lawrence to get Lawrence to drop out of the majoral race will never be known. But I don't believe Lawrence is "owned" by Weisner. Despite that interesting period of several months right after he dropped out of the race that Lawrence (and Openline) actually started saying nice things about Weisner. It was weird, almost a 180 degree instantaneous change in Lawrence's and Openline's attitude toward Weisner. But eventually (after the race was over, of course) it went back to the way it was before.

Anonymous said...

when is openline going to go after Mavis for the backdoor deal she orchestrated?

Anonymous said...

10:45 - please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of this blog because of the incorrect editorial information that is continuously spit out about everyone but Rick Lawrence. But it is like a car accident....I do not want to look, but sometimes I just can not help myself.

Rick has been known to make mistakes, many of them. He is not a polished man or a polished politician.

I personally like his irritating personality; it is a trait of the older generation.

The problem is that he thinks it gets him votes and wins the confidence of the people: Wrong Rick! It really just makes you look stupid. I know your education is limited, but now it is beginning to show.

Tell us it never crossed your mind it was wrong to enter the Downer House??? See…this type of thing bothers voters.

Anonymous said...

6:00 I call Rick a "stir-stick", like the thing you stir your coffee with. He stirs things up, and I think he's valuable on the council. I think his constituents are happy w/ him, and he'd keep winning alderman as long as he kept running. But I don't think he'd make a good mayor, and don't think the population outside of the 4th ward would vote for him. And I think Rick knows that, and is why he dropped out of the mayor's race.

Anonymous said...

6:00 PM, Kifowit has a Masters degree but she is close to being an idiot. And I do not mean that vindictively, I have talked to her many times and she is not very bright; so it seems, an education is certainly not a measure of intellect.

Irvin is another one. He is not a very smart human being. I truly feel sorry for the people he represents.

Anonymous said...

Uh 12:24, Irvin is an At-Large Alderman. i.e. he represents ALL of Aurora -- even the 4th ward! Even smart people can do dumb things -- like Lawrence did recently. Then again, even dumb people can do smart things.