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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drought Illinois

NOTE:  Video content will begin 2 minutes after play or forward to 2:00 mark

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Anonymous said...

Capitol Fax reported:
* State Senate Republican candidate Jim Oberweis is accused of using a handicapped parking space when he plays golf at his country club…

“I was recently told by a Republican business leader who sought me out that Jim Oberweis has handicapped plates on his car,” Pierog said. “He plays golf five or six times a week at the Aurora Country Club.”

Serious charges. It didn’t take much effort to find corroboration.

“I’ve seen him — he parks in all the handicapped spots,” said a member of the Aurora Country Club, who didn’t want his name used. “He says he has a bad back, but he plays golf all the time. I find it offensive.”

Of course, there could be valid explanation — maybe he can swing a club but not walk a block. Maybe they’re his wife’s plates. Hoping to find out, I phoned the Oberweis campaign, repeatedly over two days. No reply. Though I can’t imagine why. I’m a fair fellow — true, I have lingering resentment against Oberweis for demonizing immigrants in his bald but failed attempts to achieve public office. But that was years ago. Perhaps he’s reformed.