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Friday, August 17, 2012

Illinois Political Mafia Votes to Expel Rep. Derrick Smith to Replace With Stooge Candidate | Same Misfits Manipulate Aurora/Naperville Election for State Rep

Don't be fooled.

While the Illinois Political Mafia shoved out State Rep. Derrick Smith on allegations of corruption, this was not about ethics, concern for corruption or because the mafia, led by Michael and Lisa Madigan, give a damn about right vs. wrong.

It's all about getting rid of Smith to make it easier to install another Madigan stooge and help continue the dictatorship and exploitation over taxpayers of Illinois.

The same political mafia who supported Smith, now are dumping Smith and manipulating elections are the same political mafia trying to manipulate a state rep race in Aurora and Naperville.

Madigan wants to control the 84th District State Rep seat.   He controls a failed, unethical candidate named Stephanie Kifowit, who has been a wild spending, anti-taxpayer, incompetent alderman in Aurora (but doesn't live in the district).

Pat Fee, who is running for the seat, vows to protect taxayers, not exploit them.

Sources confirm Kifowit has "more problems than Derrick Smith" from seeking campaign contributions in exchange for votes to sleazy campaign attacks on her own primary opponents.

There's no need to wait for the Illinois House to someday expel Stephanie Kifowit.  Voters can save everyone the pain and agony by rejecting the political mafia's attempt to install her in the 84th District and instead vote for Pat Fee.


Anonymous said...

Capitol Fax reported:
State Senate Republican candidate Jim Oberweis is accused of using a handicapped parking space when he plays golf at his country club…
“I was recently told by a Republican business leader who sought me out that Jim Oberweis has handicapped plates on his car,” Pierog said. “He plays golf five or six times a week at the Aurora Country Club.”
Serious charges. It didn’t take much effort to find corroboration.
“I’ve seen him — he parks in all the handicapped spots,” said a member of the Aurora Country Club, who didn’t want his name used. “He says he has a bad back, but he plays golf all the time. I find it offensive.”
Of course, there could be valid explanation — maybe he can swing a club but not walk a block. Maybe they’re his wife’s plates. Hoping to find out, I phoned the Oberweis campaign, repeatedly over two days. No reply. Though I can’t imagine why. I’m a fair fellow — true, I have lingering resentment against Oberweis for demonizing immigrants in his bald but failed attempts to achieve public office. But that was years ago. Perhaps he’s reformed.

Anonymous said...

I guess between now and the election, while Openline is obviously actively campaigning for Fee, we'll be seeing these stories that attempt to tie Kifowit to everything bad happening in the world. The Smith situation has NOTHING to do w/ Kifowit. You keep referring her to "failed". Begin repeated elected by her constituents for alderman is "failed"? Maybe you're right, maybe everything wrong that happens is her fault. You know, I bet SHE called Rick Lawrence, and talked him into entering private property without the owners' permission. Yeah, that's it, it's all her fault.