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Monday, August 06, 2012

Mark Guethle, Political Mafia Boss, Parties with Corrupt Politicians at the Expense of Workers

As part of an ongoing investigation into the Corruption of Aurora, we recently featured a story about political mafia kingpin Chuck Anderson (aka "Shorty") who works for the Painters Union and is a close friend and fundraiser for corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner.

Many viewers contacted us to say Mark Guethle (aka "the Bully") is equally part of the corruption problem in Aurora and across Kane County.

Guethle (aka "the Bully), handles "Government Affairs" for the Painters Union, which means it's his job to take thousands extracted from poor painters and workers to stuff into the pockets of corrupt politicians and use the money to intimidate or beat ethical or taxpayer-protecting candidates, including Democrats who don't play by the rules of the political mafia.

Unfortunately for taxpayers in North Aurora, Guethle is also a village trustee there and buddies with dishonest and profane trustee Chris Faber.

Guethle and Anderson (aka "Shorty") party hard at the expense of poor workers with corrupt politicians, who reward them at the expense of taxpayers.

Above, Guethle is pictured with Chicago's longtime King of Corruption, Richard Daley II, who created Chicago's worst fiscal crisis in history with wild spending, increased taxes, skyrocketing debt, rewarding cronies and buddies with contracts and exploiting taxpayers.

Weisner's has many friends of the political mafia like The Bully (Guethle) and Shorty (Anderson), but others as well, such as Raghuveer Nayak (recently indicted by the Feds) and Bill Abolt, mastermind of the Hired Truck Scandal in Chicago.

So, if anyone doubts Chicago's corruption and political mafia is limited to Chicago, welcome to Aurora, where thanks to Tom Weisner and his friends, corruption is second to none.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I never really cared all that much for Mark Guethle, but if he's being slandered and blasted by Openline, he must be a good guy. You can't go wrong by taking anything Openline says, reversing it, and then you have the truth.

Anonymous said...

Openline thank you for the public service of shedding light on these cockroaches.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Union big wigs and progressive democrats have been in bed together since time immortal. This stems partly of course from their shared distain of the common citizen and the knowledge they are so easily flamboozeled, and partly from their shared quest for power and money.
Openline may have their own agenda, it's impossible to find a "news outlet that does not, but to suggest bringing to light the despicible acts of these individuals is somehow slanderous leads one to question what union you represent, or what you intend to gain from the arrogant political powers that be.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Lawrence got caught doing something dumb.
Now he is attacking every possible target in the hope that people will forget about his dumb actions.
I do not think that it is working.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that throughout history politicians have done much worse things than Rick Lawrence has ever done or even thought of, and still gotten re-elected because they came clean, acknowledged their "sins", and made a sincere apology. The voters will forgive mistakes -- heck, we've all made them! What they won't forgive is trying to cover it up either thru attempted distractions or lies. Think about Watergate; the hearings talked about the stupid burglary, but it was the cover up that they really focused on, and is what brought down the Nixon administration.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous and slanderous post. If you want to attack a union leader, find one who doesn't work hard. This man and I do not agree on every issue, but I do admire his work ethic.

Anonymous said...

This post is all about slander to push a retaliatory agenda against the union president

Anonymous said...

4:29 this post wasn't about pushing an agenda against Guethle. He was just a convenient target. This post is all about distraction away from the fiasco on Downer Place. The hope was to get people talking about Guethle and forgetting about Lawrence's ADMITTED mistake.

Anonymous said...

It was retaliation because chuck called out Lawrence at city council. Same union. Same slander.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that this blog is nothing but a political tool for the Lawrence camp to fight Weisner, anyone else who insults Lawrence or anyone who works for someone who insults him. It could be so much more.

Anonymous said...

What will be the next great conspiracy uncovered by openline? Rigged popcorn prices at the elementary school fair? Favoritism in the number of cookies given at school lunch? Ballot box stuffing for the class president? Discounted prices for the high school yearbook? The suspense is endless!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally i was was hoping more along the lines of what political favors were traded for the tens of thousands of dollars donated to local political campaigns by the would be purchaser of a seat in the United States Senate. Or maybe why the cost to tax payers for the failed developement of the former train station on broadway was so much greater than the cost to the developer.
How about why the city continues to promote the use of ethenol in city vehicles when it has proven to be such a poor substitute for gasoline.
The list is endless. Only a true supporter of this mayoral administration could possibly be more interested in the price of popcorn, or the high school yearbook.

Anonymous said...

7:10 I think the problem w/ your list of examples (which I would also like to see true investigative reporting about) is that it may include things that Lawrence either actually supported or at least voted for. Openline will never post negatively on something Lawrence supported, no matter how badly it turned out.

BTW I saw an article the other day talking about why gas prices are so high, especially in the midwest and the two factors they listed were problems in a couple of refineries AND the high price of corn, i.e. ethanol. You may recall that the gas companies are REQUIRED to add ethanol to the gas in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, 8:10, You really are a creative person. Too bad you can't channel it into something useful, instead of sitting around wasting your time make up all these lies. I'm an independent, and could easily come up with similar things for BOTH parties. But I don't, because this kind of negative crap coming from both parties is hurting the country. Remember how we're paying more in interest because the agencies downgraded our credit rating because our congressmen and Senators can't work together like adults?

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:20- Admit you're one of the freeloading obonzo binions, trying to defend the demonrats! They were caught and the crap they pulled is remembered, accurately here. I think you might move to the top of the Jericho Circle apartment list with your protection of the liberal regime!

Anonymous said...

Claiming you're an independent just means you don't have the stones to take a stand!!!!

Anonymous said...

1:39 No, I just have the stones to take a stand based on my own evaluation, and don't just do what some party tells me to do. I have the guts to take a stand without worrying about having a party behind me. It takes more balls to stand up on your own than it does to stand up as part of a crowd.

And 1:24, why would I want to sell my house and move into an apartment? I'm no freeloader, I'm a gainfully employed taxpayer and always have been. I even support my country by keeping my money here, and supporting American businesses as much as I can. I'm nobody's "binion" (BTW what the heck is a "binion"? Did you mean "minion"? I'm nobody's "minion" either). I both defend and blast the demonrats and repugnicants when it's appropriate. It's just in this particular case I think 8:10 is selling a load of crap, and I was pointing out that anyone could easily come up w/ just as big a load of crap about the Republicans.

So how's that for taking a stand?

Anonymous said...

EWWWWWW! Didn't see that in the puffington post!

Anonymous said...

WOW this is amazing that the attacks here seem to be aimed at the messenger and not the message. That leads me to believe the message is 100% true.

Whenever the messenger is attacked without relevant info to deny Truth can be the only reason.

Anonymous said...

Your reasoning may be right sometimes, 10:26, but that assumes that the original message comes with some kind of substantiation to show it IS the truth. When the message comes with nothing but gossip, innuendo, mudslinging allegations, and the only thing to back it up is fake quotes and unnamed sources (who don't really exist), pointing that out may be interpreted as attacking the messenger. Asking the person making the allegations to back them up with CREDIBLE evidence or sources is actually attacking the message. The onus is on the one making the allegations to prove them true, not on others to prove them false. Openline, as usual, has not met that standard. Truth can only be the reason if there was truth in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all face up to the fact that the USA has become one big banana republic just so it can feed its freeloading chimps! All hope of greatness has expired because of its public education system and evil unionism.

Anonymous said...

8:02 Sorry, but I, unlike you, am a patriot. Despite your obvious un-American slant and WANTING the US to sound worse than it is, we ARE still the greatest nation on earth. This is the land of great opportunity, where someone who wants to work hard can make something of themselves. And for those who want to work, but can't, or can't find a job, a place w/ a heart that doesn't just throw the disabled and elderly to the curb like you might prefer. People are moving HERE -- of course, they're people you don't like, but some of the original Americans probably felt that way about YOUR family when it moved here.

Anonymous said...

8:02- just because you have obonzo the monkey for president and a baboon for the first lady, doesn't mean it's a "banana republic".

Anonymous said...

Bull pucky. If you have a problem with someone's exercise of free speech, and want to call them a liar based on your interretation of the facts, lets hear those facts, or credible evidence on which you rely to insult their intigrity.