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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Money Magazine Ranks Naperville Best Place to Live in Illinois; Bolingbrook and Wheaton Make the List As Aurora Flops

Naperville has been named the best place to live in Illinois, according to Money Magazine's latest rankings.

Bolingbrook and Wheaton also made the list of the top communities across the nation.

Aurora, which claims to be "second to none" fell completely off the list.

"Community is king in schools and lots of jobs...round out this picture of near perfection -- marred only by some congestion on nearby highways and a lengthy commute for those who work in downtown Chicago," said Money Magazine about Naperville.

Doug Krieger, Naperville's City Manager, released a statement saying:

"We're proud and thankful to be the highest ranked City in the state (Illinois) in this annual list, and it truly is a community effort to maintain the high quality of life our residents and businesses expect.  It's an honor to be nominated out of hundreds of communities across the country.  Inclusion on this prestigious annual list validates what we already know - Naperville is a great place to live, work, do business, raise a family and retire.

But, what about the exclusion of the City of Aurora that has dropped off the list under the regime of Mayor Tom Weisner, who has previously boasted when Aurora was on the top 100 list in earlier years?

Weisner, as expected, could not be reached about the demotion, but an assistant mumbled "the mayor says Aurora is second to none."

And, here are just SOME of the ways Weisner is correct:
  • Aurora's property tax rate and sales taxes are far higher than Naperville
  • Naperville is pushing ahead with a hotel development while Aurora has killed two hotels
  • Aurora's commercial vacancies are far higher than Naperville
  • Naperville has economic development; Aurora has reverse economic development
  • Aurora far exceeds in wild spending and corruption
What are some other ways to compare Aurora and Naperville?

If taxpayers eliminated the incompetent leadership of the city, how can Aurora become known for a high quality of life?

Here is the top 10 list for communities across the United States:

  1. Carmel, IN
  2. McKinney, TX
  3. Eden Prairie, MN
  4. Newton, MA
  5. Redmond, WA
  6. Irvine, CA
  7. Reston, VA
  8. Columbia/Ellicott City, MD
  9. Overland Park, KS
  10. Chapel Hill, NC


Anonymous said...

You know what else Naperville has more of than Aurora this year... MURDERS. And so does Batavia and now North Aurora have one too. But guess what bad dirty Aurora has ZERO with a much bigger population also. Just saying.

Al Kohollick said...

What the heck is happening with Batavia? It's fast becoming the stabbing capital of the Midwest. Some of those Apartment Complexes will let anyone rent there. Apparently there has been an influx of Chicago folk migrating there. It's too bad because there are alot of good people from Batavia and it really stains the town. Home of Dan Issel, Ken Anderson, and Jackie DeShannon.

Anonymous said...

Why this constant comparison to Naperville. Contrary to popular opinion they ain"t better, just different

Anonymous said...

But Aurora has OpenlineBlog. Maybe that's why we're off the list.

Anonymous said...

So the Whizz and the lady Whizz are happy to distribute the energy efficient bulbs to the customers of the food pantry. Wonder if any of them know that most of these are produced by GE. This is Obama's favorite big corp. They closed their plants in the US and shipped the plants to CHINA. Also these bulbs are manufactured with mercury and you should call the hasmat team if one of the should break on your premises so your children won't be harmed. And above all don't throw them in the trash as they will poison the ground water. All this sponsored by a company and a 501 that wants to reduce your energy bill. Looks suspicious to me. Very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Naperville and every community in the area is SUPERIOR to Aurora in every respect - period. Aurora;s peers are Elgin, Rockford, and Joliet. Heck the only communities Aurora can look down on may be Cicero and East St Louis.

The plunging property values in Aurora and the lack of first and second tier retail development tell the true story. This city is simply a dumping ground for the refuse other communities kick out.

We should just hang out a sign that says give us your poor, your mentally retarded, your lazy, your inept, your non-English speaking, your degenerates, your child molesters, your drug addicts and whores.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to seriously consinder relocation

Anonymous said...

2:02 you are right they are SUPERIOR in MURDERS this year also. Read the first comment. NO MURDERS IN AURORA THIS YEAR AT ALL!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

9:41 who cares - really? No one but you. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

5:30 Everyone says how bad Aurora is and how great every other town around here is especially Naperville... Just pointing out that maybe Aurora should get some respect for not having any murders in a city of this size. Maybe it's because of the hard work of their police department keeping violent crime down. Give credit where credit is due and don't just push things under the table with other cities. So fuck you and go to hell!

Anonymous said...

Once again who cares. Big deal, stick around the murders will happen. The police have nothing to do with it. Only an idiot think Aurora is anything other than what it is, the dumping ground and low cost labor source for more desirable communities.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahaha the police have nothing to do with it. This guy more of an IDIOT than I thought,

Anonymous said...

When murders were sky rocketing the police said it was not their fault. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you want to take credit?

Anonymous said...

But can white people go out, in a group, in Aurora and not have to order tacos at the restaurant? Where are the good steak houses, Italian, German restaurants? Maybe thats the reason its not on the list, but I bet if you need a tatoo, piercing, or a wig Aurora would make the list.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the opportunity is quite limited. Great work, economic development people!