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Monday, September 17, 2012

After Years of Delay, Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Finally Dumps AHA Slumlords Little Al Schuler and Bill Burns...What Took You So Long?

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner has been afraid to remove Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) Slumlords Little Al Schuler and Bill Burns, even after accusing them of lying and demanding their resignations.

They not only refused to step aside, but slapped Weisner back in meetings, letters and statements.

Keep in mind Weisner re-appointed them in the first place.  They are HIS buddies.

Now, he's finally dumping them...after over two years of repeated pleas from the community, schools, taxpayers and Alderman Rick Lawrence.

Instead of showing courage and leadership to deal with this problem years ago, Weisner waited expiration dates of terms of Schuler and Burns, who are both related to city council members.

However, AHA's so-called attorney Jennifer K. Soule, disputes the city's understanding of when those terms expire.  She says they expire next year in 2013.  The city says they expire this 2012.

Given the incompetence of the Weisner administration and so-called corporation counsel Alayne Weingartz, could the AHA slap Weisner in public like Schuler and Burns again?

Weisner is appointing Shauna Wiet, advocate of keeping Aurora old and backward, who is the wife of Weisner's planning chief, Bill Wiet and close buddies with Weisner's wife, Marilyn.

And, there's Scott Voris, who could replace Bill Burns.  Scott has been a campaign supporter of Weisner, but also was vocal against the Jericho Circle slum while he was Chairman of the Greater Aurora Chamber of Commerce.

Will the AHA accept or fight the new changes?  The city's Commmittee-of-the-Whole will discuss the changes at 5pm on Tuesday.

***SPECIAL NOTE:  On Tuesday, following the Committee-of-the-Whole, the Aurora City Council will meet in a "special meeting" to move forward on a scheme between the mayor and Aurora Public Library to steal over $3 million from taxpayers as part of a massive tax increase and bond sale.


Anonymous said...

You cite these people as new changes. A campaign supporter and the wife of a city worker seem to be Weisner's buddies again. I would rather have Burns and Schuler stay, at least they don't listen to Weisner anymore.

Anonymous said...

Where are you Rick with standing up for the children of d129 and allowing your district and board to pay for a criminal defense attorney for you buddy the crook Jim Rydland.

Neal Ormond and Sonny Herget need to go election is coming lets vote out the West Aurora Board. They went thought all the tax payers money. They have been spending at the direction of Rydland and only have two months of cash on hand. Now the lawsuits will cost us millions. You where elected to protect the children not abuse them.

Anonymous said...

One of the new members is a big bunch of blah blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for that new board member to go blaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!