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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) Zombies Call Special Meeting to Introduce New Development Team for Jericho Circle

The Slumlords and Zombies of Aurora Housing Authority (AHA), all appointed by Mayor Tom Weisner, have disregarded the concerns, priorities and views of the community, taxpayers, schools and residents for years.

Despite the community's efforts and success, led by Alderman Rick Lawrence to force Weisner to finally and officially remove the Jericho Circle slum from the city's plans, AHA is giving one last desperate shot at rebuilding a slum on a site that nobody, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, believes should have ever been built in the first place, let alone rebuilt.

AHA's Slumlords and Zombies Little Al Schuler and Bill Burns have called a special board meeting for Thursday, September 20th at 3pm (map) to introduce a new development team for Jericho Circle.


Isn't Jericho Circle dead?

Well, as a result of Mayor Weisner's failure to take action long ago and appointing zombies to this and other boards over the years, some problems simply won't die so easily.

Schuler and Burns, who should have been ousted years ago, are taking one last shot.  Weisner, who refused to remove them from the board, is now instead saying their terms have "expired" and are appointing new members, which the AHA thus far has disputed.

But, those new appointments have yet to be voted on since Weisner (a zombie) waited too long instead of making the new appointments months ago, which would have eliminated Little Al Schuler on September 13th, when his term supposedly expired.

Now, Schuler will preside over the meeting.

Carie Ergo, the mayor's taxpayer-funded campaign spokesgirl and longtime zombie, says the reason the mayor didn't do this sooner was because "we didn't realize" the terms were expiring.

So, that means that if the terms weren't expiring, the mayor would just sit back and do nothing?

Weisner has also appointed two other board members, Bill Powell and Rey Cruz, to replace two other board members, who are supposed to join the new meeting.

However, even with two new members, it's not enough to overturn the current direction of the AHA Slumlords unless both Schuler and Burns are fully ousted.

While new members Scott Voris and Shauna Wiet are scheduled to be voted on by Aurora City Council next week, it's not clear if or when they would start serving on the AHA Board and some say Wiet, who's husband Bill is the "planning director" for the city and a zombie, may have to recuse herself on all development issues anyway.

But wait, it gets worse.  Who's the new development team?

It's Brinshore-Michaels, who's known for buying corrupt politicians in Chicago and getting development projects associated with Chicago Housing Authority (CHA).

That's just perfect.

Thanks to Tom Weisner, when it comes to corruption, incompetence and zombies, Aurora is second to none.

NOTE:  Aurora is full of zombies, including most of the city council, city staff, boards, local newspaper, boards, commissions, organizations and others.  Protect yourself...they don't want you to use your brain and will go after anyone who has one.


Anonymous said...

bah, bah, bah, bah, blog

Anonymous said...

If Weisner did not know that the terms were expiring, it is obvious that he was not paying attention.

His staff also had to be asleep.

Anonymous said...

You ain't heard nothing about blah, blah blahing until the AHA meetings start. A board member has no clue on how to shut up. No clu whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

the scary thing is that if it were not for the community rising up against rebuilding Jericho Circle, Weisner, who initially greenlighted it because his cronies were going to profit from it, would have allowed it.

But, Weisner is too incompetent to even kill something he says he wants to kill.

No wonder this city is so mismanaged in every aspect.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad somebody remembers he was for it before he was agsinst it. In the true arrogant progressive fashion the bearded leader is attempting to rewrite history all the while chuckling because once again he has pulled one over on the dumb witted tax payer.

Anonymous said...

The old board is interviewing folks for the Director position.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the new board interviews for the Director position. It will be blah blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

Opps - a funny thing happened as the mayor was set to replace two AHA board members.

The AHA got an injunction to halt the city council vote. The city's crack legal team was caught flat-footed standing on the sidelines. The city should ask for a refund from their lawyers.

Once again the mayor is shot down.

Anonymous said...

Under the guise of saving money the bearded leaded fired the competent lawyers working for the city. Me thinks he just didn't want anyone around who might balk over the questionable legality of his actions. Plausable deniability, ain't it grand?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right

Anonymous said...

9/20/12 8:27 PM You "forgot" to mention that the City ALSO got an injunction preventing the AHA from moving forward with redeveloping Jericho Circle. The AHA is allowed to proceed w/ demolition, but BOTH sides got injunctions to prevent the other from moving forward with their plans until the court can hear arguments and rule. For now, Weisner can't replace Burns & Schuler and the AHA can't redevelop Jericho.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the mayor has no confidence in his corporation counsel. He went out and hired a local attorney, who happens to be a retired judge, to represent the city.

More taxpayer money is being spent for an outside attorney because of the total lack of ability of the corporation counsel. It is time for the mayor to accept the fact that he needs a new corporation counsel.