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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Gives Retroactive and Future Guaranteed Raises for Firefighters in Exchange for Campaign Cash

As Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner reminds cronies and crooks its time to stuff his pockets with cash and support so he can continue his wild spending, taxpayer exploiting habits for another term, he has rewarded one of his closest allies and fundraisers, the city's firefighters union.

During the city's fiscal crisis created by the mayor, while he had no hesitation to layoff patrol officers, he took a much different approach with the fire department, which is significantly bloated with middle and upper management, many making six-figure salaries, all at taxpayer expense.

Just in time as he campaigns for the next election and with his corrupt pockets wide open, Weisner has given the firefighters union retroactive raises for 2011 and guaranteed raises of 2.5 for two more years.

And, what about the city's fiscal crisis after years of Weisner's wild spending or the pension ponzi scheme these salaries feed into?  Forget about it...there's more revenue coming in thanks to massive tax and fee increases.

The Aurora City Council is likely to vote on the latest scheme to exploit taxpayers on October 9th.

NOTE:  Party Girl Alderman Stephanie Kifowit, an unethical candidate for State Rep who has been been alleged to have exchanged certain favors with firefighters for campaign support, refuses to answer if she will vote for the raises or to protect taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

Why was there no outrage and story when APD got their raises a while ago? More slanted reporting? What is Openline's alternative, a guy who quits before the race is over last time?

THE JOKER said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe he quite because he knew the race was over -- for him, at least.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9/27...11:00am The police didn't get any retro raises. Pretty sure they got zero, 1 and 1, not the 1, 2.5 and 2.5 the fire boys got. But remember the fire boys supported the Whiz on his first 2 campaigns.

Anonymous said...

While you whined. Bunch of complainers. Why don't you go to the next City Council meeting and bang your sticks on the mall again during the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Police should seriously consider better negotiators. They were asking for way more than they got but went to arbitration and were stuck with the above results. So, the evil police union are no better, just worse negotiators.