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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Richard Daley vs. Rahm Emanuel and Gary, Indiana vs. Aurora, Illinois?

Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, visiting Gary, Indiana where he is "advising" revitalization efforts, took some jabs at current Mayor Rahm Emanuel's handling of the teacher's strike.

But, even more interesting and relevant to our local viewers is that during the visit to Gary, Indiana with students to develop ideas to change the future of the city, one of the Illinois examples of cities that has had stagnant growth or reverse economic development, corrupt leadership and a dilapidated downtown is Aurora, Illinois.

What?  Compare Gary, Indiana to Aurora, Illinois?

In one case, the city (Gary) has new leadership and in the other (Aurora), the city has the same old guard that's been running, ruining and exploiting the city for years.

Aurora, which on a per taxpayer basis is "second to none" in Illinois when it comes to corruption has seen reverse economic development, increased spending, increased taxes, increased fees and increased unemployment under Mayor Tom Weisner.

Daley, when last in Aurora, stopped at Walter Payton's Roundhouse and commented that downtown Aurora was "depressing."

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