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Friday, September 14, 2012

Stephanie Kifowit Is A Joke

"hey, aren't you Stephanie Kifowit?"

"yes, I am!"

"the wild spending party girl from Aurora?

"I like going to parties"

"wait, did you hear that?"

"hear what?

"you can't hear that?"

"no, what?"

"oh well, apparently having the speaker doesn't help you..."

NOTE: the video below accurately presents Stephanie Kifowit,
the wild spending, taxpayer exploiting, party girl, stooge candidate
for political mafia kingpin Michael Madigan trying to steal a state rep seat
- to avoid electing a narcissist, vote instead for Pat Fee for State Rep


Anonymous said...

I've known Stephanie for several years and the video really does reflect her personality. I used to think she was independent, but then she dramatically changed. She's not a nice person and she's full of herself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If I was Kifowit's husband I would demand a DNA test for any children.

Anonymous said...

Are votes for her any different than votes for the EVIL OBAMA who is trying to give the country to the muslims fully knowing of their attacks on our embassies and doing nothing about it? Just goes to prove that the DEMOCRATS WILL vote for anyone they are told to.

Anonymous said...

8:11, Obama has nothing to do with this discussion but since you're obsessed with the lies spread about him, you had to bring it in. Okay, here's how out of touch your candidate Romney is. He recently said he wants to give tax cuts to the middle class. And middle class are those who make between $200,000-250,000. $200k is the lower end of middle class? CLUELESS.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for Stephie just based on her looks alone. How nice it will be to see her lovely face on TV news. What's inside her head is no different or of consequence than any of the other useless politicians we have voted in office.

Anonymous said...

I am a police officer and my wife is a teacher. Even in cheapskate Illinois and Aurora we make over 220k with overtime. Are you saying police officer and firemen are not middle class? Get a clue.

I am voting for Romney. Obama is for amnesty for illegal aliens. Do you know how many LEOs have been killed my illegal aliens? They are only here because we keep coddling them.

Anonymous said...

12:49 Of course you and your wife are middle class. But according to Romney, only because you BOTH make ~$100k. If one of you made less, or if you were single and only made $100k on your own, he'd say you're NOT middle class. Our household income is under $100k, and we ARE middle class.

And of course you are distorting Obama's position. The Dream Act wasn't blanket amnesty, it set up a process for illegal immigrants who were hard working and had broken no other laws to EARN citizenship. I also mourn the loss of even a single LEO, but can you give me a link to a source that shows more are killed by illegal immigrants than by home-born scum?

I'll also remind that ALL of us of european origin are the offspring of illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

2:38 - anything you do that encourages a single illegal alien to remain in the United States or to enter it for the potential diminishes the respect for the rule of law in a community and ultimately puts an officers life in jeopardy because the Law they represent is not being respected - hence they are not respected.

That is the issue no matter how you want to wrap it up.

Next illegal immigrant is an oxymoron. Immigration is a legal process there is not way it can be illegal. The correct term is illegal alien.

And no there were no laws or treaties regarding immigration when many Europeans came over to the new world now was there a cohesive governing body including the native Americans when they landed.

And the point is if one LEO is killed by any illegal alien that is one too many. There is zero excuse.

Anonymous said...

Nice evasion.

Anonymous said...

You should read the entire comment for youself instead of believing those out to discredit Romney .

Anonymous said...

2:38 A true public school way of looking at things! Now if we can only think with our FEELINGS the circle will be complete.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice how many of the speakers at the Republican convention were successful and proud of it while the speakers at the Democratic convention were all looking for a hand out?

Anonymous said...

How do you starve a Democrat? Hide their food stamps under their work boots.

Anonymous said...

THIRD time I've posted this comment:

So what's this, the 8th or 9th time you've posted this lame, irrelevant "Female Narcissist" video? That's okay, Openline--we know you just want to start a new thread because the previous one included a news release that you kept deleting.

Anonymous said...

And the THIRD time I've posted this link:

Anonymous said...

Hey openline, the cartoon female narcissist is a lot hottie than Kifowit ever was. Even with Madigan insisting she go on a diet, and spending a lot on makeovers, the hard party lifestyle and so many relationship with men show on Kifowit.

A lot of women Kifowit’s age are radiant, Stephanie just looks like a worn out woman. Heck there were women in sod houses on the prairie during the settlement of the old west who look more refreshed and less used.