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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Truth About Madigan | You Pay for Political Mafia Thugs (aka "Madigoons") Spreading Lies, Trash and Stealing Signs

Shaw Decremer, one of several taxpayer-funded thugs
who came to Aurora to threaten and intimidate Democrats
directs Kifowit's campaign of sleaze and lies for the Madigans

Political Mafia King Michael Madigan, the Sugar Daddy for Princess Lisa and Party Girl Stephanie Kifowit, has an army of mostly Chicago-based thugs that carry out his misconduct against taxpayers across Illinois.

However, the worst part is that YOU pay for most of them.

Yes, you pay for their taxpayer-funded positions, salaries and luxury pensions.  While most people aren't allowed to officially drift off from their government jobs and work on political campaigns, in the land of the political mafia, it's been made legal..."coincidentally" by the same political mafia.

They go "off" their government jobs and go "on" if they aren't needed during political campaigns, why are they needed at all?  Well, taxpayers don't need them, but the political mafia needs them.

So, who are some of the Madigoons directly responsible for the sleaze, lies, thefts, trash and extreme misconduct being spread at a cost of almost a MILLION DOLLARS on behalf of Stephanie Kifowit in Aurora, Naperville, Oswego and Montgomery?

Let's meet just a few of Madigoons (there's many more):

SHAW DECREMER (pictured above...famous for being a bully, threatening and intimidating candidates and campaigns, including fellow Demcorats who stand in the way of the mafia) -2857 W. Leland, #1, Chicago, IL 60625

WILL COUSINEAU (policy thug for Madigan who tried to extract information from Kifowit's primary opponents to use against them under the excuse they want to help them)

JULIA LARKIN (taxpayer-funded Madigoon who is temporarily assigned as field coordinator and campaign manager for Kifowit) - 300 N. State St. #2732, Chicago, IL 60654

FRED MOODY (thug who is allegedly responsible for Madigan's primary opponent's tires being slashed) - 5812 W. 63rd Avenue, Chicago, IL 60638

JACOB CASHMAN - 10607 Golf Road, Orland Park, IL 60462

MICHAEL DOBROW - 1437 N. Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL 60048

ED MOODY - 11037 S. Oxford Avenue, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415