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Friday, January 25, 2013

Weisner Makes Political Insider Deal with State Rep Linda Chapa LaVia's Husband on Taxpayer Bailout and Scheme to Squander More Money on Failed Restaurant Row for Downtown Aurora

Mayor Tom Weisner and the Aurora City Council have already squandered over a half-million dollars into a deceptive and failed scheme to create "restaurant row" on New York Street in downtown Aurora.

Steve Arwady, the developer touted by the Weisner regime, is long gone with your money.

Weisner even kicked out the Aurora Election Commission from the Elks Club, at massive ongoing cost to taxpayers, to make room for Arwady to open up a restaurant for "Chef Amaury" and put condos in the building.

None of that happened as promised, but you paid for the Aurora Election Commission to move.

Among Restaurant Row's failed promises was the Billy Goat Tavern.  You know, the one where it was all signed and ready to go by March...2010.

In fact, Weisner and his rubber-stamp cronies on the city council had approved wasting $1.25 million on that deal, but thankfully, Billy Goat never showed up or the taxpayer losses would be far more by now.

But, instead of acknowledging the mistakes and learning from them, Weisner wants to make more.

Now, Weisner wants to make a political insider deal with Vernon LaVia, the spouse of State Rep. Linda Chapa-LaVia, to further waste more taxpayer funds to buy one of the properties and give it to them.

They claim they have a deal with an Italian restaurant from Batavia to come there.

The LaVia family is not new to the block or failures.  They failed at a pizza place on the same block.  They also failed on a bar on the lower level.  People got shot.  They lost the building in foreclosure.


Anyone familiar with Vern LaVia knows he speaks in nonstop "bullshit" and fantasy.  He thinks he can fix up "restaurant row" but there's one problem.

He can't afford to do it.

No problem, this is Aurora where we are "second to none" for schemes and wild spending.

And Tom Weisner and his rubber-stamp cronies have a taxpayer checkbook and unlimited credit card to spend anything...just like they did with Steve Arwady.

This time, the plan is for taxpayers to buy a defunct building on New York Street and give it to LaVia so he can make a "deal" with a restaurant.

And, if that isn't bad enough, the city doesn't want anyone to take the time to think about this.  They've called an emergency special finance committee meeting on Tuesday (which will cost extra to taxpayers as well) to rush this through so it can get to the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting, where it will then advance to the City Council and be approved 10-1.

Tom Weisner, the corrupt mayor of Aurora, never learns his lesson.  The bigger question is if taxpayers have learned their lesson.

But, a special advisory to State Rep Linda Chapa-LaVia.

Don't follow your husband into this swamp of bullshit where everyone is destined to sink.


Anonymous said...

please tell me this is not true.

we aren't seriously going to spend a single penny again on this stupid restaurant row after we already lost so much.

Anonymous said...

Why would Linda Chapa be so dumb to get herself into this mess? I know her husband and her have had all kinds of failed business schemes, but when you start taking taxpayer funds in something this shady and screwed up, you are asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the Italian restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Here's the 5 Way LLC report

Its sole member is Vernon LaVia

Anonymous said...

Weisner tried to screw taxpayers with a $1.25 million deal the city council rubber-stamped before that flopped.

Billy Goat was promised to open by March 2010!

How many times taxpayers need to be screwed before the light bulb turns on?

Why doesn't Vern and Linda buy the building themselves and leave us out of it?

And, why the hell would any restaurant locate there?

I would never locate in downtown Aurora, but if anything, maybe those spaces on River Street Plaza, which are at least modern and have riverfront views.

Anonymous said...

Sure doesn't smell good to me. Something's gone bad in that kitchen.

As far as kicking out the Aurora Election Commission, it should be shut down anyway. Turn it over to the county clerk, save us money.

Anonymous said...

these idiots on the city council like O'Connor will approve any stupid scheme, but why the hell do we taxpayers have to pay for a crappy building on downtown Aurora?

Anonymous said...

No one with a brain has or will ever come to downtown Aurora to eat, do business or be entertained. The casino is failing and the Paramount can't bring in anyone of notoriety. The Paramount will be next with their hand out to the city.
The one and only way of bringing business to downtown Aurora is to legalize prostitution and mariquana and then open brothels and head shops.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget 2.2 million for Bally Doyle, a suburban sports bar. Don't forget the fact that the city "Planning" department has 7 overpaid employees who waste our money doing.....what? An overpriced park with no maintenance plan? And what 50 year old warmed over musical is playing at the Paramount right now? The Music Man--hahaha. Next stop--Aurora, River City.

Anonymous said...

Aurora will always fail to duplicate the success of downtown Naperville due to socio-economic reasons. Simple as that.

Very few want to come to Aurora because way too many believe it looks more like some third world latin american city. Seriously, people east of Eola road will make the trek westward to downtown?

The casino has been a disappointment in that it never revitalized downtown like it was hoped to. And they are getting killed now with the competition. I don't get the Paramount with the acts that they have booked. I don't care at all about the Broadway shows, but I hope they do well. We need more high profile entertainers and by that I don't mean Bobby Vinton! How about someone a bit more current? Perhaps the Paramount is simply not making enough to book more high profile acts.

Did the city bribe the Ballydoyle owners with tax breaks to get them here because they did not want to come here in the first place?

Can't wait for the new library. Our new day home for the Hessed House folks.

At least Aurora has diversity! Yay! Guess what, so does Naperville with whites, Indians, Pakistanis and Asians.

Oh how Aurora has fallen.

Anonymous said...

here's a novel idea, paid for performance.
developers, good and bad, all have their hands out in search of the best deal. sad but true. bidding wars between municipalities for a business that might be encourages only greed and corruption, and squanders much needed tax revenue.
perform necessary infrastructure updating, a legitimate function of municipal government. if the city owns the property, give the developer a deal that does not include a loss. then offer incentives such as a rebate of future sales tax payments or even discount on city utilities, as the development proceeds towards completion.
any developer worth his salt who truly believes in his business model would be more than happy with such an arrangement. besides we have all seen what happens when you pay upfront. old train station on broadway ring any bells.

Anonymous said...

Business people tend to not invest in a city that they believe to be corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cannot wait for all the new development when the rivers edge park opens. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Linda thinks she will be Mayor in four years but Weisner is running Rick Guzman you heard it here first. He is supporting Reece Boyd and trying to control the East Aurora Board right in Linda own neighborhood in two years Abby will have a Ward One from Ginger Creek. . Leonardi in the Fourth is being pushed as a sleeper from he mayors office. Not you Mavis Bates AURORA WILL BECOME TOMS SOCIAL SERVICE EUTOPIA PROJECT. His master plan he has become Hitler that's why he is side tracking Linda . nsider of the Mayors are becoming more aware

Anonymous said...

To 4:15am: which Leonardi is the mayor pushing?

Anonymous said...

Which Leonardi?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happended to Vernon LaVia's heart defib company? I lost money in that one! He's lost money in more businesses than just those in Aurora's downtown. Why not call a slot machine that NEVER pays out for what it is? Sorry Vernon, you're a nice guy, but a sh&% businessman. How can Weisner back this guy? Either corrupt or incompetent...

Anonymous said...

Mike Leonardi