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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Dumps Over $320,000 on Point-of-Sale Units for $25 Million Corrupt RiverEdge Park

There's a $25 million park being built between the Fox River and Rt. 25 (Broadway) across the train station in Aurora that's called "RiverEdge Park" (apparently because you will be on the edge of either water or traffic since the park is so narrow).

Some of you must be wondering how a park that is mostly grass and trees with a small, poorly designed stage could cost $25 million, but that's because most of the (taxpayer) money going into the park is actually going into the pockets of cronies, contractors and corruption associated with Mayor Tom Weisner.

But, this isn't about the poorly designed park, the usual corruption, the lack of parking for the park or even the fact that Weisner and his cronies are claiming there will be "11 to 15 thousand visitors" to park events (we assume they are referring to mosquitos, not people).

In addition to the massive costs for the park, the city has turned over management of the park to the crony-connected authority that owns and operates the Paramount Arts Center...for a cost of $2.3 million per year (not including many other expenses, costs, security, etc).

They made a deal with the new owners of the Roundhouse to be the primary food vendor for the park.  Those are the new Roundhouse owners that were given $5 million by the mayor.

Since certain events will supposedly be open to other vendors as well (hot dogs, tacos, cotton candy), the management company says they want to have a way to track sales so they can get a share.

They want to purchase a POS (Point-of-Sale) system that will be setup in 8 locations in the outdoor park to take credit cards, cash and track "inventory."

Most restaurants today don't need to buy complicated POS systems because new technology is wireless and uses tablets.

In fact, Naperville's Ribfest is eliminating cash sales for each vendor completely to prevent fraud and theft.  They are instead going to sell tickets and smart cards at a central location so there's no exchange of money at each food stall and it's fast and quick.

And, most POS systems today are not only wireless, but often very cheap for a few hundred and sometimes even FREE when included with credit card processing.

"This shouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars per POS system and while I don't know why they would need 8 locations in such a small area, the most this should cost is four or five thousand dollars since the technology today is wireless" said a local restaurant owner who said "please tell me they aren't spending more than that."

Sorry, but they are spending over $320,000.

Depending on which set of numbers from the city is accurate (they keep changing), about $180,000 is for the POS system (the ones that should cost no more than five thousand total), but then the rest is to install phone lines (aka "landlines") to connect the POS systems.

What?  Are we saying when they constructed the park, they didn't install everything needed underground at the same time?

That's what we are saying.

But, why do they need phone lines in a wireless world?

Turns out the $25 million park doesn't have wifi and isn't setup with city's so-called fiber system for data.

The city says they would like to eventually bring fiber to the park by running it under a pedestrian bridge over the Fox River.

For now, they would just install old landlines with this $320,000 and spend more later.  How much?  Who knows...maybe $200,000, maybe $3 million.  It doesn't really matter since it's taxpayer funds and your money, right?

And, no you can't have free wifi if you are visiting the park, so don't bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Just because you are paying $25 million dollars for the park, you also need to pay admission to get into the park for events.

Most of all, if you do make the mistake of trying to park at this $25 million park and surrounding yourself with thousands of mosquitos, be sure to bring cash.

You'll need it in case the city's $320,000 POS system doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Openline.
This piece of shit park has been an exercise in corruption, greed and stupidity since its inception. Furthermore, it has been the only job on the docket for the city's "Planning" department for the past 4 years. Not only do we get a lame, badly planned park but we pay the obscenely huge salaries of the wankers in that department. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

How come Openline never can associate a name with any of the quotes they have in their posts?

Anonymous said...

Reality of the situation is this administration is not only corrupt, but vindictive as well.

Anonymous said...

10:41 there are 2 options:

1. it's because IF there's actually anyone talking to Openline, they're embarrassed and ashamed about it.

2. because no one's actually talking to Openline, who is making all this stuff up and figures putting quotation marks on it somehow makes it credible.

Oh, for the record -- I think the park was a big waste of money, too.

Anonymous said...

As 3:50 said, Weisner is quite vindictive. Many people who can no longer stand the brazen corruption anymore feel that they must speak out, but are in no position to do so. If Aurora had EVER had a real newspaper there would be no need for Openline as an outlet.

Anonymous said...

How are you supposed to hear the music clearly if the there is a Semi-Trailer barreling down State Highway 25?

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:59,you didn't finish the thought.
What if EVERYBODY honked when they drove by?

Anonymous said...

Uh, 5:59 if a semi was "barrelling down" that stretch of 25, we'd also be hearing a siren. Isn't the speed limit there like 35? Hardly "barrelling down".

Ron Anderson said...

The Openline blog is complaining about the quality of the BEACON NEWS? LMAO
This blog is the biggest piece of sh*t that I have read in years. You don't come close to being objective.

Give me a break. There are absolutely no journalistic standards here. Rumor and innuendo is bad enough. Outright lying and creating gossip is the leading force of your work.
You disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron, don't read it and go shill for Weisner elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

4:12 you're hilarious. I agree completely with Ron -- and I HATE Weisner. I already voted, and voted for the best candidate on the ballot for mayor - I left it blank. Ron, it my be disgusting but think of all the disgusting things on TV, the movies, etc. People like disgusting things in their entertainment. And that's all Openline is, entertainment. I don't come here expecting the truth. I come here to laugh at the crap Openline makes up, and the people like 4:12 who really buy this crap. Don't worry about 4:12. In a battle of wits, he's unarmed.

Anonymous said...

I hope you spread the word. Tell everyone to leave mayor blank. It can hardly be considered a wasted vote with only one name on the ballot

Anonymous said...

This concert venue/park is so narrow that I could stand on the sidewalk along side Route 25 and throw a football over the width of the park and into the Fox River.

Ron Anderson said...

5:45 I'm no shill for Weisner. It does make me wonder, why the Weisner haters wont run a decent candidate against him. By the way, I hate no one. Unfortunately, entertainment and news are
being mixed. Getting to the truth, and debating issues in a proper manner is possible. Someone at openlineblog needs to quit spewing venom and hate, and embrace professional standards. Face the facts. Openlineblog as it is now is an embarrassment to our community, and to the family members of those that are spewing this trash. Wise up and grow up.

Anonymous said...

In a battle of original material for put downs, 5:45 PM is unarmed.

Anonymous said...

Ron, this is 5:45 again. I've been watching Openline since it first started. It's ALWAYS been this way, and it's the way Openline wants it. A mix of fact and opinion, with a heavy emphasis on the opinion. Reporting unsubstantiated gossip and innuendo if it was news. And providing lots of unintentional entertainment.

Anonymous said...

You might to use your real name on this blog if it was necessary for your boss to recognize that you did what he instructed you to do.

Anonymous said...

Just keep making stuff up that you know NOTHING about, 7:50; it gives you an excuse to hide from the truth. I work north of Chicago. My boss lives northwest of Chicago. He has no idea that I'm commenting here. In fact, he doesn't even know Openline exists.

Anonymous said...

So why do you care about the city of Aurora.

Anonymous said...

Because I've lived here for 22 years.

Anonymous said...

And who are you to speak for the community?

Anonymous said...

Unsubstantiated gossip and innuendo sometimes rings true.

Anonymous said...


The problem with this city is the voters don't give a damn, except those who make money off the power structure in place.

Look at what happened this time around. The mayor effectively bought of Chapa LaVia, who even had the GOP asking her (a hard blue Democrat) to run against Weisner (a hard blue Democrat).

The papers are under the mayor's lock and key. We know that Garza and others are under Federal investigation, but the press will not even mentioned that because the Aldermen are all yes men for the Mayor. Now if it was Lawrence under investigation it would be front page news.

You have Judd Lofchie running, a person who should not even serve on the city council because of multiple conflicts of interest but the papers do not mention that – why? Answer, he will be a reliable yes man for dumping more money not the downtown and subsidizing developers.

Look at the disaster in the 4th Ward. All the candidates in that race were told it would be a 4 way race to the finish only to have it switched to 2. It is obvious several people were put up to running to dilute the vote. The Mayor told both Bates and Donnell he was backing them. Guess what two horses are finishing in that race? And interestingly, the one candidate who posed the largest threat to the mayor dropped out!

Now the Mayor has circulated a letter asking people to donate money to him so he can assist candidates who will vote his way on the city council.

All this and folks like you just sit by. And I know you sit by. Just about everyone does. And you certainly do. You could be doing something now, but you are not, are you? Nope.

Anonymous said...

12:27 this is 8:25, 8:53, etc. who are you talking to? I've never said I speak for the community. I speak for myself -- but I am a member of the community and it's highly unlikely there isn't anyone else out there thinking the same thing. The question I have is who is Openline to speak for the community?

Anonymous said...

12:32 a broken clock is also right twice a day.

Ron Anderson said...

2:33&Openline... How do you know what Im doing in my community? Please learn how to disagree with some without being disagreeable. You don't know who I have voted for, or who I will vote for. It is really none of your business. When you bring logical arguments up, you may someday make me rethink my position. Until then, your vindictive smart ass cracks at your few readers works against you. GROW UP!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ron, don't hold your breath waiting for THAT to happen.

Anonymous said...

I am well aware of what you do and do not do. One thing you do not do is work for decent candidates. I know because I asked several if a guy named Ron Anderson offered to help them and they said "never heard of the guy".

One did say they know you (well a guy named Ron Anderson) and that you put a sign in your yard. But did you walk for them, call people, contribute money, offer to write a letter to the editor, friend to friend letters or anything of substance - answer - nope.

I also searched the Sate board of elections for contributions - nope nada, so if you do contribute you are small time.

So here is what I know, there is not a single candidate for substantive change that ever heard of you except possibly one. And you did not offer to help that one.

Pretty much sums it up. You come into this forum, bitching, moaning and it turns out you are either a sycophant for the status quo or just another wind bag.

Ron Anderson said...

2:35 You are owed no explanation from me. I am not hear to please you. I will speak up when & if I wish to. I am just giving my opinion on an issue or two now and then.

You trash people on a regular basis, yet you hide besides the Anonymous tag.& YOU RUN THIS BLOG ! Are you afraid people might find out who you are? You must be ashamed of yourself? Sincerely, you shouldn't cater to the lowest common denominator. It wont help you with your agenda. Some of your ideas are worth pursuing. Until you stop calling people pigs and snakes, you individually are not worth helping.

Anonymous said...

I don't run this blog and you bitch so much you probably bleed every 28 days.

Oh Openline is this and that - and yet they openly solicit assistance - but do you give any - nope! But bitch, bitch, bitch...yep that you have plenty of.

Like I said you are one of the reasons this town is corrupt, our taxes are so high, just another loud mouthed keyboard mouth warrior.