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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aurora University Bomb Threat Causes Campus Shutdown - $25,001 Reward for Information That Leads to Anyone Responsible

After allegedly receiving various bomb threats via email early Wednesday morning, Aurora University decided to remove students from dorms and the campus, cancelling the classes for the day and moving many students to a nearby elementary school in the West Aurora School District.

Despite an extensive search by police, no bomb was found, but the situation created significant disruption.

Some students told us "although we understand the concern for safety, this type of reaction may give someone the idea they can just stop classes or an exam anytime with such a threat."

Others say that given recent situations elsewhere, Aurora University had to assume the threat was real unless proven otherwise.

Normal operations began to resume by Wednesday evening.

A $25,001 reward is being offered for information that leads to finding out who is responsible for the threats.  Tips can be sent to  Information will be provided to law enforcement, but you may stay anonymous if you like.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is one of the residnets of the 4th ward who are sick of waking up on Sunday morning and having to pick up beer cans and condoms from their yard due to the college student rental sin their neighborhood.

Maybe it is a resident who is sick and tired of minority scum brought in form chicago "learning" at AU and infecting their children with their foul language, bad manners, and nasty dispositions.

Or maybe it is resident who is just sick and tired of having to drive down crowded streets that are more reminiscent of the inner city than the suburbs.

More than one resident of the 4th ward has asked what possible value the university brings to the area? More and more property goes off the tax roles, more rentals, more crime.

On the other hand maybe it is one of those mentally unbalanced ghetto minorities they recruit from the slums of chicago.

Anonymous said...

12:28 am You really should move to Siberia with that racist attitude. When you moved by a university, what did you think college kids acted like?

Anonymous said...

4;15 - when it was Aurora College (pre 1985) there were none of these problems, and that is when many people moved in the neighborhood.

Al Kohollick said...

Some of the people in that part of town are notoriously snobbish and a bit racist. They do not like people who are not like themselves. They do not like or respect people who were born and raised in a different environment that they were. They enjoy bad-mouthing people of different backgrounds because it makes them feel good about themselves. They enjoy drinking with those of their kind. Their world basically extends a few blocks in any direction but outside of that area everything is bad and fucked up. There is definetly a "country club" type attitude with some of the people in that neighborhood. The world extends beyond the box of Prairie St./Orchard Road/Elmwood Dr./ and Galena Blvd.