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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Hour | Don't Be Fooled, Stop the Darkness, Fight Back and Celebrate With Light

As propaganda spreads trying to convince you to turnoff certain lights and electricity for 90 minutes on Earth Day, the FACTS are that by doing so, you will INCREASE emissions and HARM the environment.

But, doesn't turning off lights help?  Sure, if they stayed off, but with the Earth Hour scheme, after the temporary darkness, it will create a surge of energy need to fire up all those lights again, more than would have been required if the lights had stayed on.

For our local viewers in Aurora, Illinois, the corrupt mayor Tom Weisner has pushed for Earth Day and said they will turn off the lights for "select" city properties.

This is the same person who has been wasting electricity and energy for months lighting up a $25 million park (built with corruption) that isn't open to the public but he wants to show off to cars driving by to show he's accomplished something with your money.

A city official acknowledged "if we turned off those useless lights at RiverEdge Park until summer when the park is actually in use on particular days, it's true we would save far more energy but Earth Hour isn't about saving energy, I mean, well, that's what they say, but it's more of a symbol, you know..."

History is full of examples of the poor choice when people see to implement the Dark Side instead of seeking light, but another viewer pointed out "Earth Day is a great example of a feel good stunt that exploits people and attempts to lure them into issues of climate change and global warming.  It has nothing to do with saving energy."

According to Slate:

"...during Earth Hour, any significant drop in electricity demand will entail a reduction in CO2 emissions during the hour, but it will be offset by the surge from firing up coal or gas stations to restore electricity supplies afterward....ff we really want a sustainable future for all of humanity and our planet, we shouldn’t plunge ourselves back into darkness."

Meanwhile, our friends at Star Trek have released a reminder when we allow the illusion that all is well when the reality is our leaders have fallen and encourage us to go into darkness:


Anonymous said...

Actually there won't be any decrease in emissions during the time the lights go off, and won't be an big increase when they go back on. End users will be turning off lights, but they won't be shutting down the power plants. The plants will just keep producing electricity that isn't being used for that hour. It's a symbol; emissions won't be affected either way.

Al Kohollick said...

25 million is alot of money to spend for a park. I realize that the plan is that the concert venue will generate income in the form of tickets and Point-of-Sale purchases. I just question whether or not there will be a lot of interest in people going to Downtown Aurora in a rather confined area to see a performance. After you get someone like Buddy Guy to open then what are you going to get? Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, April Wine? I guess we will see how it goes especially after the buzz of the first few weeks wears off. That's a lot of money for such a cramped space in area that is still somewhat industrial-like in it's makeup.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Al, Fool for the City, Don't Fear the Reaper, I Like to Rock, what more can you ask for? We can hear them play it again because I don't remember much from the first time around!

Anonymous said...

Al, I also think that's a LOT of money spent for what I fear will not only have a Point-of-Sale system, but will also itself be a POS. BUT I really hope it does catch on, because even though I think it's in the wrong place, it will hurt us more at this point if it fails than if it's successful. The ability to say "I told you so" wouldn't be worth it. I'm hoping it's like the Paramount, which is doing nicely at this point, and not like one of Vern Lavia's businesses (they just don't seem to take off, do they?).

Mr Lonely said...

Happy Earth Hour~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

Al Kohollick said...

"I ain't no country boy, I'm just a homesick man.
I'm gonna hit the grit just as fast as I can.

I'll get off on Main Street, step into the crowd,
Sidewalk under my feet, yeah, traffic's good and loud.
When I see my inner city child, I'll be walkin' on a cloud."

Al Kohollick said...

"Love of two is one Here but now they're gone
Came the last night of sadness And it was clear she couldn't go on Then the door was open and the wind appeared The candles blew and then disappeared The curtains flew and then he appeared"

Anonymous said...

Hahaha-YES! Al if I ever find out who you are I will surely buy you a beer!

Anonymous said...

Aurora is a now predominately Hispanic and whites are a minority. The downtown is surrounded by Hispanics who will soon seize political control as they will simply out-breed the remaining whites. We are not talking about a transformation in decades we are talking over the next 5-7 years. If home prices percolate up you will see white flight from Aurora on an almost unimaginable rate on the west side. Only old white idiots like Hal Beebe will remain.

You are looking now at a future Cicero. Now ask yourself who would go to Cicero for a concert?

With Rick gone the 4th Ward will fall, and fall hard and fast. With Rick off the council the fate of the city is sealed. Weisner and cronies will milk several more large contracts, as the city falls into poverty more federal dollars will funnel in that will get passed around to the powers that be's friends. But in the end, Aurora will become a thing like Cicero or Detroit.

Al Kohollick said...

Cicero is probably a good comparison to Aurora. The demographic and political power base there has changed over the last few decades. Cicero is known to be a somewhat dirty and heavy-handed town in it's City politics and City business. Aurora is primed for a rise in Hispanics taking more control in City government/politics. It's actually surprising that there hasn't been more of it. Garza doesn't seemed positioned to have a great political career. If LaVia wanted to be Mayor down the road, she might have the connections, money and name recognition, (especially with Hispanics) to be a formidable candidate. It has been suggested that she floated the possibility about a possible run for Mayor this time around and used that threat as leverage to get a "sweetheart" deal from the Mayor on that piece of junk property that the City controlled TIF program bought from her and her husband in a rather dubious business deal that doesn't appear to have any redeeming value for Aurora taxpayers. My guess is that she would run for Mayor eventually as that position probably has much more access to controlling large sums of money that can be distributed to the "connected" in various forms. It's amazing what the Mayor of Aurora is able to do with TIF funds and large City contracts. Ask Vern LaVia and Cordogan Clark, and the Mayor's son about that. The "connected" in this town do get to "wet their beak" and do "drink deep from the well". It's clear that the demographics on the West side will greatly change in the next ten years or so. The areas between Highland and say Elmwood will eventually become more Hispanic. If that translates to an increase in gang activity, which is uncertain, then you will see a massive exodus of the white demographic group. The Mexican-Amercian demographic group does tend to have large families as a rule. There no such thing as zero-population growth within that segment of society. The more things change......the more they stay the same.

Anonymous said...

9:10 the area between Elmwood and Highland is already very Hispanic. Latinos have spread all the way to Fordam now. Prairie, Gleason, Kenilworth, Lakewood have many Hispanic families on them now. The primarily remaining white area is now only Kensington through Downer.

Once you get to Galena it is very Hispanic all the way to Sullivan road.

The 4th ward will be predominant Hispanic in just a few more years. They have made inroads on Garfield west of Elmwood and will soon start nibbling on Downer. Once that happens white flight will ensue and those small homes south of Garfield will be Hispanic. They already are dominate on Randall from Garfield to Kensington and are majority on Rosedale. In ten years they will be majority all the way to Edgelawn.

The guys who bought Patrick's and is calling in Papi's understood the coming demographic shift.

Anonymous said...

Aurora, just like America, killed itself with it's generosity. A county that couldn't stand success.

Anonymous said...

Do some googling, folks. Construction Budget: 13.2 million
Source of funds:
State of Illinois $8 million
Dunham Fund: $2 million
Fox Valley Park Dist: $3 million

The blogger wants you to think the City poured $25 million in a rat hole In fact, the City received what was, for the most part, a "free" park.

If you're going to criticize then you should also give credit where credit is due. Otherwise, it's just another in a long series of Ad hominem attacks.

Anonymous said...

Free - it went on our children's credit card you idiot. It is only free to the free loading scum who do not pay Federal and State Taxes. BTW that money came from the Fed to the State.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot!! Where does the State and the park district get their $$

O yeah the same F'n take payers.

Stupid Liberals!!!

Anonymous said...

Darn auto correct should read tax payers

Anonymous said...

The park is nothing but a Weisner vanity project. They will use it for Downtown Alive (Downtown not die dead! Downtown die live!!) which was a colossal failure. Downtown now has fewer businesses than before that program, which was dreamed up by intellectual giant Stover. DA wasted millions in tax dollars. Expect awful Journey tribute bands and more 50 year old Broadway revivals.

Anonymous said...

oh stop being so snotty. Since the gov't has only one reliable source of revenue, we all pay for everything with our taxes.

At the State and Federal level, we pay out billions for food stamps. And do have to show for it? Poor people who are fat. Money for NOTHING. In this instance, at least we have something to SHOW for the expenditures.

If Aurora had rejected the State Funds, Dunham and the Park Dist. we would just have a crappy shoreline. Now, without effecting the City budget, they have a facility that can actually earn reveneue--and the rejected funds would have gone to someone or somewhere else.

I hate taxes too, but they are a part of life. If you hate them so much, go live in a cave and cook squirrels over an open fire.

Anonymous said...

"If Aurora had rejected the State Funds, Dunham and the Park Dist. we would just have a crappy shoreline."

AND we would have Openline slamming the city for turning the money down.

Anonymous said...

No, we could have had an area developers could turn into housing, given Aurora is landlocked now, that woudl be prime, prime housing in the future generating a lot in property taxes.

Anonymous said...

"No, we could have had an area developers could turn into housing, given Aurora is landlocked now, that woudl be prime, prime housing in the future generating a lot in property taxes."

Oh, you mean like the Shomon property? Yeah, THAT'S really worked out swell. And isn't Openline always saying that downtown is dead? Prime housing that close to downtown? With no easy access to a grocery store, etc.? Not to mention adding more students into an already overloaded D131. Brilliant idea -- NOT.

Anonymous said...

Hold it, are you REALLY suggesting that tiny strip of land between Broadway and the river could be "prime housing"? It's not really even big enough for the park, let alone "prime housing". Obviously, no one is going to want a single family home on Broadway. So you're talking an apartment or condo building, with beautiful views of the post office and transportation center on one side, and the casino on the other. Real prime.

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