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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Illinois Wheel of Misfortune | State Rep Linda Chapa LaVia Auditions to Be Next Vanna White

After all these years, we finally figured out what State Rep Linda Chapa-LaVia does down in Springfield well and her future career as the next Vanna White after her performance on the Illinois Wheel of Misfortune.

On Tuesday, she did a remarkable job holding a sign for State Rep Jack Franks, flipping it behind her head and trying to present in a style Vanna White would be proud of.

Rep. Franks was doing the much harder part, which was to speak up on the issue of the pension crisis in Illinois and putting himself on the record.

Linda Chapa, before she got herself in the middle of a million dollar pizza scheme in Aurora that would benefit her financially at taxpayer expense, had been well-liked, partly because she doesn't really take a strong position on most issues and tries to make it seem like she's on everyone's side.

"Before the Restaurant Row scheme, Linda was a teflon public official.  She's tries to make sure nothing sticks to her," said a local elected official in Aurora.

Meanwhile, former Aurora Alderman Stephanie Kifowit, who bought a state rep seat with a million dollars from Michael and Lisa Madigan, also sat silent, except when she was texting her friends during the floor debate or flirting with State Rep Lou Lang.


Anonymous said...

Vanna White?
More like a Latina ring card girl
for the Over-the-Hill Hispanic Democrats Boxing Club.

Anonymous said...

Vanna White was hot, Linda has a paunch, a growing ass and saggy tits - pure Latrina trash.