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Monday, March 11, 2013

Redflex Red Light Camera Scheme Included Corruption and Bribery in Chicago, But Isn't Aurora Second to None?

Since 2005, Aurora has become second to none for corruption under Mayor Tom Weisner and political mafia boss Bob Vaughan's regime, which is no small feat given the widespread corruption in Illinois and Chicago, considered the capitol of corruption by most of the nation.

The latest corruption scandal in Chicago invovles Redflex, the company that implemented the red light camera scheme in Chicago.  As details emerge, we are learning of super size amounts of corruption, including an estimated $2 million scheme with bribery, travel and gifts.

"Coincidentally" around the same period, Redflex also worked on a deal to enter Aurora, Illinois.

And, as our local viewers already know, everything that happens within Aurora can be explained by a series of "coincidences."

Unlike Chicago, which has kicked out Redflex after allegations of corruption surfaced, the red light camera scheme with Redflex continues in Aurora.

At the time of initial scheme for Aurora, some of the most aggressive supporters included Mayor Tom Weisner, Police Chief Greg Thomas and Commander Joe Groom.

In Aurora, Joe Groom led the effort to justify the case for Redflex with subjective and skewed presentations done by the Aurora Police Department that exploits taxpayers in the name of public safety.

While Redflex was involved in serious corruption in Chicago for the red light camera scheme, did it "coincidentally" do anything similar with Aurora, a city "second to none" for corruption?

Let's look at three examples of how the Aurora Police Department brass (not the same as the rank-n-file officers) has handled three key tests to see if they stand for what's right or go along with what's wrong:


As Aurora became ground-zero for the abortion debate due to Planned Parenthood's deception for constructing a new facility on the far east side of the city, massive protests developed with people on both sides as well standing room-only crowds that filled the Aurora City Council chambers on questions of zoning, special use permits and cover-ups.

During that process, Joe Groom and Kim Groom (yes, they are related, not a coincidence) would stand at the entrance of City Hall, demanding ID from people, taking names and unlawfully asking people what they intended to say in public comments at city council, in blatant violation of the Open Meetings Act.

In addition, the city found itself engulfed into federal court disputes over freedom of speech and rights to protest when police brass attempted to violate constitutional rights of protesters.

At the time, police brass said they were "cooperating" with orders from the mayor and his administration.


As Aurora constructed the new $150 million police palace, the mayor's cronies and campaign contributors were inserted into the project full of corruption and taxpayer exploitation.

During that time, Joe Groom was the "point person" between the police and the city's corrupt team on the police palace.  While it was obvious to everyone who wasn't blindfolded there was massive corruption involved with the facility, there was no attempt by Groom or Police Chief Greg Thomas to raise any concerns or stop any of the schemes to protect taxpayers.

As corruption thrived, the police brass were silent...just like how much of the $15 million digital radio system debacle has turned out.


Most recently, the police brass went on a publicity spree with the mayor to exploit a "zero murder" stat from 2012 while conveniently brushing aside the 61 shootings stat.

Mayor Weisner, who has battled rank-n-file police for years, then came up with a $150,000 bonus scheme to "reward" police that turned out be a PR ploy costing taxpayers with no law enforcement or public policy benefit.

During this publicity spree, the police brass knowingly and intentionally covered-up the shootings of SIX TEENS because it would hinder the ongoing publicity spree and claims "crime is down."

Then, if that weren't bad enough, as the community held vigil for the murder of 18 year old Abigail Villalpando, police brass, the mayor and politicians STILL posed for photo-ops and celebrated the so-called "zero murder" stat from last year with reckless disregard and disrespect to the family and community.


So, could police brass such Joe Groom or Greg Thomas participate or look the other way on any wrongdoing or corruption by Redflex or the mayor with the red light camera scheme?

Given the same police brass allegedly looked the other way on your constitutional rights, looked the other way on corruption with the police palace and the mayor's exploitation of crime and murder, maybe there's a pattern...or could be yet another "coincidence."


Anonymous said...

What a disappointment. You started off in a way that made me think you'd done some investigating and come up with something to show Aurora officials getting gifts, etc. from Redflex like happened in Chicago. Then you went on to bring up 3 situations that, while problematic, had absolutely nothing to do with Redflex and the cameras. And then you finish with implications about Redflex and corruption. Some people compain about commenters who don't stay on topic. In this post, Openline didn't stay on topic. I want to know about Redflex and whether they pulled the same crap in Aurora as in Chicago. Well, Openline, got anything on THAT or not?

Mayor Tom said...

This is my final warning to all City Workers including the Alderman: Obey me or I will make you pay like you will goddam not believe. When some nosy media person or somebody from the BGA startS asking questions about this Redflex deal with the city, it is imperative that we all stay on same page and give the company line: "The Redflex Red Light Camera situation is strictly a safety issue that is designed to improve the safety and quality of life in Aurora. If people in City government are personally profiting form this business deal then that is strictly a COINCIDENT.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile at East Aurora rumors continue to be the talk of the Service Center. A recent investigation by HR stopped when Muhammed quickly departed and went to the City. It involved a student and Facebook book posts between Muhammed.

One wonders, why Muhammed who still has keys to the district came in the middle of the night and removed his computer. The computer in question was the property of d131 as well as a missing I Pad.

Huh stories must be true . If anything it is stolen property.

Anonymous said...

You need to figure out another way to get your message out other than blogging. No one seems to be paying attention.

Anonymous said...

to the first comment, you are missing the point. Redflex has clearly been involved in corrupt activities by their own admission. Aurora is second to none for corruption, as illustrated by dozens of examples and schemes. It's a very fair question to ask why the APD pushed through the red light camera scheme and, given the those 3 other situations, it's also obvious the APD brass, specifically Greg Thomas and Joe Groom, have not been able to say no or stop other situations.

I would like to know what, if anything, the APD brass, Thomas and Groom, have done to oppose corruption or the mayor's schemes.

Got anything on THAT?

Anonymous said...

Actually 4:10 you're making excuses for Openline. I wonder if maybe YOU are part of the crew. So YOUR response makes me get the point. Openline DOESN'T have anything to show there was corruption involved in the deal in Aurora, and brought up the other situations to blow smoke. Gotta fill the column space somehow, right? Maybe Weisner and Redflex and all the others were also responsible for erasing 18 minutes of tapes in Nixon's office.

I'll repeat, I'm disappointed. I REALLY wanted Openline to have something substantial about Redflex corruption in Aurora. That's why I read the article.

As far as your question, which isn't related to the topic that Openline started and ended his post with, that's a question I'd also like to see answered. I don't have anything on that, because I'M NOT THE ONE CLAIMING TO BE A NEW-AGE JOURNALIST. Openline has set themselves up to be journalists and investigators. Maybe that can be their next post, hopefully with some actual information on the topic, as opposed to unsubstantiated innuendo and throwing other things in that aren't related.

Anonymous said...

4:57 jerks off to kiddie pron when he isn't obsessing over this bog.

Anonymous said...

blog not bog

Anonymous said...

7:35 as much as you fantasize about other people watching kiddie porn who don't, you obviously are involved in producing it. Must be a profitable business for you if you're that obsessed with it. But it's pretty pitiful that you can't even spell the name of your product. Man, you really must have done bad in school when in just one short comment you misspell TWO single syllable words.

Anonymous said...

Openline start asking questions Montroy a friend and pastor of Carrie Anne's church is pushing the Mayors latest scheme. Sticking the EA District with Old Waubonsee and asking them to foot the bill. The overburden, overcrowded, over taxed residents of Aurora East can not afford it. Another Candidate Strand just announced a recent appointment to the Mayors Spark board.

He is after Johnson because she was te only one who said no along with Roberts. In fact Strand and Montroy the two ministers from Rick Guzmans church are around town calling for his head.

Why because his district has money and Weisner is trying to spend it and they said no.

Check into Waubonsee did the taxpayers not pay twice or it. If the Mayor wants a school for all Aurora he should spend the 3 million they got shaken down fr on the Magnet School.

see the Mayor knew about the principles of supply and demand. I have a building and you can't have it unless you pay me. Now they are saying no and getting shaken down

Anonymous said...

I attended one of the city council meetings where Groom and Thomas gave a presentation on the red light stuff and it was obvious they had skewed the whole thing to justify how great Redflex is instead of just saying here's the data, good or bad.

Would it surprise me Redflex did anything improper in Aurora, where there's corruption all over the place? No and I agree it's a very fair question.

Do I think Greg Thomas would be corrupt? No, I don't think so, but I think he would be too stupid to understand what is going on just like he was too stupid to go along with the publicity stunts on the murder stat.

Joe Groom will do whatever the mayor wants and I wouldn't be surprised if he knew about any corruption. He clearly looked the other way on the corruption for the construction of the new police station.

Anonymous said...

So, does 8:59 have any example of Greg Thomas or Joe Groom opposing the mayor's dumb schemes or doing a single thing about corruption in a city that has an epidemic?

Anonymous said...

1:01, That's a silly question. No I don't or I wouldn't have been hoping that Openline had evidence that there WAS corruption. The beginning of the post had my hopes up, but then they blew smoke and at the end again just asked questions. I don't have evidence either way, and apparently neither does Openline. I have the question as well -- and wanted the the one claiming to be a journalist, i.e. Openline, to get the answer. And not having evidence about someone opposing corruption doesn't prove that there IS corruption. Kind of a circular argument; you have to first PROVE (not ask or suggest or infer or guess) that there was corruption before you can even expect that someone else should have opposed it.

Anonymous said...

10:48 Strand and Montroy BOTH worry me. Unfortunately, at least one of them is going to end up on the D131 board. So I'm supporting Johnson and Leonard, even though I'm not 100% in favor of either of them, because I'd MUCH rather have the 2 of them and EITHER Strand and Montroy than to have BOTH Strand and Montroy. And since I'm having a hard time deciding which of the two of them is the "lesser of two evils" I don't plan to vote for EITHER of them. Just think, if they both get on, we have TWO members of the board who have to recuse themselves on any issue involving faculty pay, benefits, contracts, personnel issues, etc. That's 29% of the board taken out of action on those items.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to the city council meetings where Joe and Kim Groom stood guard at the entrance, demanding ID, info and asking what we were going to say. They claimed it was under instructions from that stupid city attorney Weingretz. That was clearly unlawful. How did Joe Groom get to be commander and how did she become the head city attorney? Just because we have a corrupt, idiot mayor, does that mean everyone else has to be incompetent, too?

Anonymous said...

everyone knows there was corruption involved with building the police palace.

neither joe groom nor greg thomas did a damn thing about it.

Anonymous said...

7:57 "everyone knows", even though I agree with you, means diddly squat when it comes to doing anything about it. It takes PROOF.

Anonymous said...

I have been told, often, by someone who knows Weisner well, that he surrounds himself with second rate sycophants because he doesn't want to be shown up by anyone smarter than he is. And speaking of stupid, corrupt and incompetent, can Openline please address the sickening fact that mayoral crony and donor Arlene Hawks is now the director of SciTech? Will that place never stop hiring poisonous morons who are 100% unqualified to direct anything? Hawks knows nothing about science and has never run ANY organization. Now she will get $50,000 per year to run a museum that is always on the verge of collapse. Is the board TRYING to run SciTech into the ground? Or is this the fact that, coincidentally, Weisner owes Dick Hawks $50,000. If the board had advertised this position they would have been inundated with fresh faced innovators, applicants with the training and education to bring SciTech out of its perpetual slump. For $50,000 they could have had their pick of the brightest candidates from museum studies and science programs across the U.S. It's breathtakingly stupid that, instead, they chose a tired old parasite with a wealthy husband and a substantial pension rather than give a qualified person with actual experience this opportunity. I have never been impressed by SciTech, particularly their choices for director, but this is so over the top that it's practically criminal.

Al Kohollick said...

Speaking of "over-budget" waste and corruption......Instead of the John C. Dunham Pavillion at River's Edge Park, why not the Alan J. Kohollick Pavillion at River's Edge Park.

Anonymous said...

What does Weisner owe Dick Hawks 50k for?

Anonymous said...

Hawks wasn't even that good of an entertainer when she hit Aurora close to 40 years ago with a guitar strapped to her ass and playing the bar scene.

Anonymous said...

10:48, I am not a friend of Arlene Hawks but I can say in her defense that she knows a lot of people. Specifically, a lot of influential people who might be likely to support an organization like SciTech.

Sometimes the best directors are not necessarily the most knowledgeable but rather the "movers and shakers" who have a lot of community contacts. It's about who she knows (and can influence) more that what she knows.

Anonymous said...

As an educator she did a very good job with all 3 of my kids. And isn't education what Scitech is about?

Anonymous said...

I get your drift 10:48, but in that case, they could just hire her for development and let her have a percentage of what she brings in. I'll hold with fact that for an organization to be legitimate, it is always better to do a national search and hire the best candidate, rather than to give the job to the most influential person. The fact that the same people get all of the work in Aurora, read Corgogan, Wegman, Mundy, Katterman etc. makes this town look just about as lame as it actually is. As for SciTech, they have a whole history of half-assed directors, starting with the very shady Ronen Mir, right on up to the last one. The result is that SciTech itself is half-assed. All of these people, except maybe Sean Carlson, have used SciTech to further some private agenda. That organization needs someone at the helm who is on the up and up, and puts SciTech first. Not some hick town operator. And for pity's sake, could Aurora never require that employees are actually qualified for these high paying jobs? As in, educated and trained?

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