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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Would You Be Okay With the Chicago Cubs Moving to Rosemont or DuPage County?

The Chicago Cubs are one of the most well-loved sports franchises on earth.

Their stadium, Wrigley Field, is famous and known for its character, old scoreboard and yes, those rooftop seats across the street.

As the team pursues a $300 million renovation of Wrigley Field, like everything else in Chicago, politics seems to get in the way of the best intentions.

In this case, the alderman of the ward is bought and controlled by the rooftop owners, which doesn't want to give up their ability to exploit their free views into the stadium.

The Cubs clearly would like to stay at Wrigley Field, but make some changes.  And, they are willing to do something our local viewers in Aurora rarely see.  They are willing to spend money without costing taxpayers.

Now, the Mayor of Rosemont says he will give the Chicago Cubs about 25 acres of land to build Wrigley Field 2.0 if they wanted to move.  He says the Cubs would not only get the opportunity to build a state-of-the-art stadium, but they wouldn't have any of the silly restrictions such as a limit on night games and inability to sell advertising around their stadium perimeter.

Turns out former DuPage County Chairman Bob Schillerstrom also made a similar suggestion to the Cubs last year they should consider moving somewhere in DuPage County.

In the case of Rosemont, which has the Allstate Arena (formerly the Rosemont Horizon), there is an abundance of hotels due to the proximity to O'Hare Airport.  However, being THAT close to O'Hare Airport may be a negative.

DuPage has many potential sites, including sites near Oakbrook, I-88 and I-355.

And, NO, the DuPage portion of Aurora would be a disaster under current Mayor Tom Weisner.

In Aurora, projects must be designed and built with the mayor's cronies and everything has corruption embedded within.

That would mean a $500 million "private" stadium could end up costing taxpayers $2 billion....or more.

Aurora is the same town where the mayor and city council (aka "league of morons") spent over $150 million on a police palace and just gave a million bucks for a pizza place that would financially benefit State Rep Linda Chapa-LaVia.

So, forget about that.

However, what about moving to Rosemont, other sites in DuPage or anywhere else?

Should the Cubs cling to Wrigley Field forever just because everyone loves the history?  If they were building something better than Wrigley Field, but move somewhere in the Chicago area, would there be anything wrong with that?

Although taxpayer-funded stadiums for the Chicago Bears, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks each have flaws and issues with their design and location, their old stadiums were replaced with more modern stadiums (Soldier Field went through a billion dollar renovation).

Sometimes, teams don't just modernize, but they move within a region.

For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, the San Francisco 49ers are building a brand new football stadium, about 30 miles south in Santa Clara, part of Silicon Valley, leaving their longtime home of Candlestick Park, which was also abandoned by the San Francisco Giants for a new baseball stadium in downtown San Francisco.

The Oakland A's want to move to San Jose.  And, the Golden State Warriors want to move across the bay from Oakland to San Francisco for waterfront stadium built on piers.

If you were the owner of the Chicago Cubs, what would you do?


Anonymous said...

Ahemmmm! The Cubs????? You Hoo, Openline. What have the Cubs got to do with you? Is there really to be no comment at all about the $318 million that the mayor wants to waste on that ridiculous park? That is, above and beyond more than $20 million already wasted and the $1 million he wants to throw away on "Restaurant Row." Wow! And I thought we were broke! Focus, Openline. It's about the town that you are covering.

Anonymous said...

The Cubs are anchored in Chicago. Unlike most ball teams they own their own stadium. Without the team, the stadium is worthless. Most teams have stadium leases and threaten to leave if they don't get a better deal. That will not work if the team is its own landlord.

Al Kohollick said...

Do they still play the blues in Chicago
When baseball season rolls around
When the snow melts away,
Do the Cubbies still play
In their ivy-covered burial ground
When I was a boy they were my pride and joy
But now they only bring fatigue
To the home of the brave
The land of the free
And the doormat of the National League

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11:45.

There must be a jock on OLB's staff that needs to be pacified from time to time.

Besides, sports are for guys that can't get chics anymore.