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Monday, March 11, 2013

Would Your Opinion of President George W. Bush Change If You Knew He Paints Portraits of Puppies?

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President George W. Bush has now been out of office for over four years.  There's often strong opinion on his presidency and, unlike his father, President George H. Bush, the son has kept a much lower public profile.

History may have mixed views of "W" also known as "43" but as we have seen with other U.S. Presidents, what they do afterward may change how they otherwise would have been perceived.

Would your opinion of George W. Bush change if you knew he paints portraits of puppies?

And, if so, how does that change your view?

Given Barack Obama's relatively young age, he will need to find some things to do as well after he leaves the White House in January 2017.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

The man bombed the wrong country.
Iraq had nothing to do with the bombing of the twin towers. He was either stupid or evil, take your pick.
Many patriotic American soldiers died because of his decisions. So NO, my opinion of him isnt going to change...

Seriously, How can you ask such a question? Puppies or dead American Soldiers. When you talk about him, there is nothing warm and fuzzy about him.

Anonymous said...

Barack will bitch and complain constantly and will always run for the microphone to tell you what he would if he was still President - we will never be rid of this classless piece of shit till he dies. And personally I hope he dies of natural causes very soon.

Most likely, when the kids are grown Barack will finally come out of the closet and admit he is gay so he can garner more press.

Unlike Bush, Barack is a narcissist.

As to your query, nothing would ever give me a positive impression of George Bush.

Is Rick insane? said...

Damn, you must hate Obama. This a post about Bush.

Anonymous said...

Its not Rick and I HATE Obama and Bush for what they did to this country. Bush was bad, very bad, but Obama is the worst despot this nation has ever known.