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Monday, April 01, 2013

Billy Goat to Expand and Add New Location After All; Rejects Aurora Restaurant Row Scheme as Foolish, New Location Coming to Chicago

Just in time for baseball's Opening Day, the goat has returned.

In this case, it's Billy Goat Tavern.  The famed restaurant from Chicago announced it will be expanding and adding an additional location in Chicago at 60 E. Lake Street.

For our local viewers in Aurora, this may come as a surprise because Mayor Tom Weisner and his cronies have been claiming the reason Billy Goat couldn't come as originally promised to Aurora's downtown restaurant row scheme was due to the "economy" and their own financial problems.

Bill Sianis, son of the founder Sam Sianis, confirmed the new location in Chicago would be opening this summer.  It would be the 8th Chicago area location and 9th overall (there's one in Washington DC).

"This area is developing and it's near Michigan Avenue and close to State Street."

But, what about Restaurant Row in downtown Aurora?

According to Mario Aliano, the owner of a 2 year old pizza place from Batavia that is in the middle of the deal for Aurora taxpayers to spend over a million dollars to enrich State Rep Linda Chapa LaVia and her husband, Vernon (aka "Pee Wee Herman of Aurora"), everything is "depressing" around downtown Aurora and you see nothing going on.

City officials and the original developer, Steve Arwady, had promised that Billy Goat was coming to Aurora in 2010, but it never happened.

Even after the deal had fallen apart, the mayor and others continued to mislead (i.e. lie) that the project was still going strong and Billy Goat was still coming.

Even a $1.5  million scheme wasn't enough to lure the goat into becoming another failure in Weisner's long list of fiascos.

In the original development scheme, $500,000 was spent and is still missing.  And, even more strange, nobody from the city wants to talk about where it disappeared.

Sources say some of that money may have ended up into the pockets of the same property owners that are getting massive taxpayer bailouts in the latest scheme.

Don't worry Aurora, the restaurant row scheme may not be good enough for a goat, but it's clearly apparently a great scheme to benefit snakes and pigs like Chapa-LaVia and Weisner at taxpayer expense.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering -- you're headline said Billy Goat rejected the "Aurora restaurant row scheme as foolish". Yet nowhere in your actual post is there any indication that Billy Goat said ANYTHING about Aurora or the restaurant row, let alone call it foolish. Personally I think it's foolish, but it strikes me you're putting YOUR words in someone else's mouth with that headline.

Anonymous said...

It's a blog for gosh sake.

Al Kohollick said...

"Don't worry Aurora, the restaurant row scheme may not be good enough for a goat, but it's clearly apparently a great scheme to benefit snakes and pigs like Chapa-LaVia and Weisner at taxpayer expense.".......Now this is damn good writing. You won't see this type of writing in the Chicago Beacon-News......Rock on Openline!

Anonymous said...

"clearly apparently" is good writing? Is that kind of contradictory?

Anonymous said...

5:34 but Openline wants to be more than that. Openline claims to be new age journalists, and that they do investigative reports and that they are presenting news stories. Are you saying they lied?

Anonymous said...

No what I am saying is, people like you should take up Openline's offer to assist them in creating content. Why not lead by example - with facts and exhibit your journalism instead of bitching, harping, complaining all the time?

Write an article and ask them to publish it.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly 11:09, I don't trust Openline. Anything I wrote would be edited to fit their spin. And since I don't know who they are, there's no accountability. They can do whatever they want, and my only recourse would be write into Openline and then they'd just delete my objections.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Potbelly was coming??

Ron Anderson said...

Once again, an issue that you could have a decent debate about, is ruined by your sophomoric 7th grade statements.

Calling people snakes & pigs is not how to win friends and influence enemies. You are in a great spot to open up respectful dialogue on important issues.

The opportunity you have is to serve not yourself, but your neighbors & community. Your ideas are important. Your tone is is disgraceful.

BE RESPECTFUL, & someday you might find an audience that will take you serious.

Anonymous said...

Openline doesn't want a decent debate. They want to make Tom Weisner look bad and make Rick Lawrence look good. That is all.

Anonymous said...

6:43 - actually that is not true. Your submission would be protected innately by copyright and you could sue them if they edited without you content unless you had an agreement to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

Potbelly is already here in Aurora...
(everyone fill in their own punch line)

C'mon, let's see some good punch lines!

Anonymous said...

Good luck suing them if you don't know who they are.

Uh, the IP has to reveal that in a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Rick is a geezer? Com eon, he is like 50. Now Hal Beebe is a geezer - see the difference?

Anonymous said...

Geezers - you must mean Lou (I'll drink to that) DeMartelly the godfather of has-beens.

Anonymous said...