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Thursday, April 18, 2013

City of Aurora and Fox Valley Park District Collude to Close Fox River Trail to Public for Pay-to-Play River Edge Park

Taxpayers are spending over $42 million in the first 10 years for the tiny River Edge PARK (aka "Mosquito Park"), on the east side of the Fox River along Rt. 25 in Aurora.

The Fox Valley PARK District, formerly run by corrupt mayor Tom Weisner's boss, Bob Vaughan, dumped over $3 million taxpayer funds into the so-called PARK.

Did you catch that?  It's a public PARK, right?

Not exactly.

The park isn't available to just anyone at anytime.  For certain events, you'll have to pay the cronies.

But, even worse, the City of Aurora and Fox Valley PARK District have colluded to shut down the Fox River Trail that runs between the river and so-called PARK during special events.

That's right, for those of you want to enjoy nature, the RIVER and a park that you're already paying for with millions, can only do so if you pay the cronies.

And, before anyone mistakenly believes the Fox Valley Park District is an "independent" board, it includes various cronies of Weisner, including his former campaign chairwoman, Theodia Gillespie.

That's the Aurora Way...this is how you roll in the city second to none for corruption.

Just don't plan to roll anywhere near the park unless you are ready to pay the cronies.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rick Lawrence! I can see you are still stung from defeat. I can't blame you since over half of the people of Aurora, as well as Illinois and the USA are simply morons. Listen, next time you run for office how about telling the people what you support and what your vision for Aurora is instead of simply bad-mouthing the opposition? Just a thought!

Sometimes I wonder what the point of this blog is, since so few Aurorans actually pay attention to what is going on in the city. You really think people east of Eola Road actually give a damn about downtown and the park? They are too busy trying to stay away from blacks and hispanics and pretend they are living in Naperville.

Speaking of minorities, is it true that the city is having a problem in trying to attract white-owned businesses to downtown? I have been hearing that.

Oh well. Have fun Rick. Looking forward to more of your musings.


Anonymous said...

Just as apples never fall far from the tree, assholes seem to stay close to the money.

Anonymous said...

The Kane County Board Chair appoints all but one of the Park District Board members. So with Lauzen now in charge in Geneva, it will be interesting to see what he does when a large number of the Park District Board members coome up for re-appointment this year.

Al Kohollick said...

Man, I can't wait to greatly overpay for my alcoholic beverages when I go to see Loretta Lynn at the John C. Dunham Pavillion at RiversEdge Park. Being gouged in tight and narrow spaces gives me reason to be happy in Aurora......Second to None.

Anonymous said...

3:46 Dont go, If it to costly for you...It's not complicated. Let the market place work. If you dont like it dont go back. Give it a chance. I am skeptical, but why go in with a negative mindset. I hope it is better than expected... rgedtob 7165

Anonymous said...

Summer long Country Music. Didn't know Aurora was in the heart of Dixieland. Waste of tax payers' money.