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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Election 2013 Aurora | Irlanda Gardiakos Seeks to Knockout Juany Garza for 2nd Ward Alderman

Aurora's "new" 2nd Ward boundaries include more emphasis on the east side of the city, which has suffered under the failures of the Weisner administration, reverse economic development and wild spending.

The current 2nd Ward Alderman is Juany Garza, but most observers say she's barely spoken in the last four years on the city council other than saying "yes" for rubber-stamp votes.

Voters will have a choice on April 9th as Irlanda Gardiakos tries to knockout Garza for 2nd Ward Alderman.


Hello, I am Irlanda Gardiakos, a proud citizen of the United States. I immigrated from Ecuador in 1975, and although there are many things I miss about Ecuador, I also love this country and the opportunities it provides. I feel I belong here, and I am running for office in order to give something back to the country that has given so much to me.

My husband and I have owned several small businesses and employ roughly 45 people. I grew up in a country where the bureaucracy and lack of internal organization curtails opportunities instead of promoting them. Currently, I see these same problems developing in the United States and I will work to prevent these restrictions of freedoms here in Aurora. In order for other people to realize their dreams, as I have here in America, we need to promote small business, not hamper the efforts of those who are working hard to better themselves while also offering much needed job opportunities.

I want to help the residents in this community use the vibrant energy they have and channel it into living the real American dream. A dream of independence from the hand of Government, a dream where you chart you own destiny and where you are free to keep that which you worked for. As an educator I question a system that trains our children to acquire skills to become mere employees when we should be nurturing their talents so they can be the boss and own their own business. We should be doing more to encourage people to reach their potential, live their dreams rather than directing them to which line they should stand in to get a hand out.

As your Alderman I will seek out volunteers to help nurture the energy in our community into productive endeavors, I will reach across the Wards to bring in the talent and knowledge from those more established to coach, mentor and help those currently here to assimilate into the mainstream fabric of success that has made this nation great.


• Taxes – For too long our current alderman has sat silent on the city council and voted yes on measure after measure, tax increase after tax increase. Irlanda believes we have a spending problem not a revenue problem.

• Transparency – Our current Alderman has spent Ward funds without the proper level of transparency. Irlanda will document and give a full accounting of the Ward’s expenditures.

• Too much Government – The role of municipal Government is to provide a shared common infrastructure and services that benefit all citizens: police and fire protection, water and sewer, snow removal, road repair and green spaces. Charity that uses Ward funds is no charity at all. It is a misuse of money for the sole purpose of self promotion.

Note:  Candidates were invited to communicate with our audience.  Ms. Garza failed to respond and could not be reached.  If you are a candidate for the April 9th election, please contact us at


Anonymous said...

I just got back from attending the Chamber of Commerce Candidate forum. And I was stunned by the comments made by 2nd Ward Candidate, Irlanda Gardiakos. The only other candidate that conveyed the same level of understanding and independence from the candidate group think that seemed to permeate the event was Rick Lawrence.

Juany Garza, the current Alderman was a no-show. This is not surprising as for 8 years Juany Garza has sat on the city council as a mere yes vote for the Mayor, never speaking out and certainly never speaking out for those who pay the bills in this community. So I am not surprised that she would not even have the decency to show up at a candidate forum where she could not control the questions being asked.

On the other hand Irlanda painted not only a compelling personal story but hit the ball out of the park when it came to understanding the strangle hold the city has on business and business development. The entire format was set up to get candidates to commit more taxpayer money and resources to the downtown. I thought it was interesting that as a downtown property owners Rick and Irlanda were the only candidates who were not clamoring for more taxpayer investment into downtown.

It is nice to see a Latina immigrant who took the time to learn the English language for a change. And not only that but who is able to convey love of her new country and is willing and able to reach out and nurture that same love to other immigrants. I was totally impressed by Irlanda.

Al Kohollick said...

Ms. Gardiakos seems to be very intelligent and well spoken and sincere in her ambition to be an Alderman and to help her neighborhood. She would be a fine representitive of Aurora's immigrant tradition. I would like to see Aurora government be a little more reflective of the actual demographic make-up of this town.....not just the old money old guard.

Anonymous said...

I attended the candidate forum Tuesday morning at Waubonsee. I was very impressed with what Irlanda said. I laughed at her comment about the code requiring sprinkler systems that cost more than the value of the property. It is true. It is obvious she owns property in downtown and understands the real impediment to progress is these snooty people on the council that think we are going to be another version of Naperville.

Her love of this country showed through. It is seldom you see a Hispanic immigrant talk with such conviction about their love of this country. It was refreshing to hear.

If I was in the second I would vote for Gardiakos. Unfortunately I am in the 4th where I have a choice between daffy and goofy. Maybe I’ll just sit this one out and hope Irlanda wins her race.

Anonymous said...

The reason Garza did not show up for the forum is she cannot speak English! She is probably an illegal alien as there is a requirement for immigrants to be able to speak some level of English.

She is only in office because she gives her ward committee 75K to spend on themselves and they give her a few thousand to buy coats and turkeys with to keep the gravy train rolling. Only a handful of people vote in the 2nd ward and Juany greases their palms with your tax money.

Look at who supports Juany: Linda Chapa-Lavia - gee isn't it convenient that Garza voted yes to handing Chapa-LaVia over 1 million dollars to open a restauraunt. No wonder she is backing Juany.

This is a no brainer. If you want a yes vote for Weisner and his buddies as they divide up your tax money vote for Juany Garza. If you want independent representation vote for Irlanda Gardiakos.

Anonymous said...

Go Irlanda go, We need a free market downtown for it to once again prosper

Anonymous said...

2 Thumps up !!

Finally, someone with ethics, intelligence & she has a love for the 2nd Ward in Aurora.

Go Irlanda Go!

Anonymous said...

Juany Garza may be the hardest working alderman on the city council.

She originated three city ordinances, one that eliminated the caravans of auto speeding after city festivals and restricts the flying of huge flags from the cars.

The 2nd Ward funds were spent on items such as annual clean-ups in the neighborhoods, installation of
security lights in alleys, snow shoveling and grass cutting for seniors and disabled seniors, creation of parks ($130K for renewal of McCarty Park) and a handicapped-accessible playground for kids with disabilities.

These are a few of the accomplishments of Ward 2, which by the way, has been financially an open book and fully accountable.

Anonymous said...

Juany Garza is also under investigation by the Feds for misappropriation of Ward Funds among other issues.

A lot of those ward funds ended up in her live in lovers pocket for the snow shoveling, grass cutting etc.

And that is only the tip of the ice berg.

Garza's abuse of ward funds was one of the major reasons the city limited Ward funds to 75K and put the stipulation that 50K of that must be used for infrastructure in 2010.

Garza also attempted to literally shake down businesses by denying them a permit for Fiestas Patrias because they would not contribute to her scholarship fund so she could buy more votes.

You know it has to be bad when Richard Irvin calls foul on it.

Anonymous said...

Here is all you need to know about Juany Garza.


Debate over ward funds back to committee
Beacon News, The (Aurora, IL) - Wednesday, January 13, 2010

… who sparked off the controversy. The two aldermen each asked for council approval to spend $10,000 of ward funds…

In response to that criticism, Garza…remanded the request to the Finance Committee and said she would simply split it up into smaller expenses. Ward fund expenditures of less than
$5,000 do not need council approval.

So there you have, when Garza could not get money to give away to buy votes, she simply decided to spend multiple smaller amounts to get around the documentation issue.

Garza is as corrupt as they come.

Anonymous said...

She originated three city ordinances, one that eliminated the caravans of auto speeding after city festivals

She also voted NO to changing the speed limit on the narrow crowded streets in her Ward from 30 miles an hour to 25 miles an hour.

25-mph speed limit in force in neighborhoods
Beacon News, The (Aurora, IL) - Thursday, December 21, 2006 officials have said that reducing the limit would improve safety on residential streets and reflect data collected
on those streets, which shows that most drivers are obeying the 30-mph limit. The problem, officials have said, is that
30 mph is just too fast for those roads...Voting no on the issue were Aldermen Juany Garza, 2nd Ward;

Yeah, she is real concerned with public safety. What a great Alderman.

Anonymous said...

Not hard to predict the winner.

Garza = Mexican
Gardiakos = Equadorian

2nd Ward = 90% Mexican

Winner = Garza

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CITIZENS OF AURORA EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE. LEAVE THE BOX FOR Mayor, Alderman of the 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th wards blank.

Anonymous said...

To the person who claims that the 2nd ward is 90% mexican (not true) the Mexican residents should remember her anti Mexican rants, I hope they remember on voting day.

Anonymous said...

To the person who claims that the 2nd ward is 90% mexican (not true) the Mexican residents should remember her anti Mexican rants, I hope they remember on voting day.
As don't know how to edit the above statement let me nake it clear I am reffering to Garzas anti Mexican rants

Ron Anderson said...

A few days ago I had a chance to talk to Irlanda Gardiakos.
We spoke about the city we both love, and some of the issues
that it faces. I will say right up front, Irlanda is a kind & intelligent person, who thinks before she speaks. Irlanda has a way of working on tough issues in a gentle manner. However, Irlanda
will not be ignored or intimidated.

We all know, there has been to much discord between hot headed elected officials in Aurora. Occasionally, that is fine, but when it gets worse year after year, it needs to stop.

Freedom demands debate, it is positive that we challenge each other on the issues that we as a city face. If we are going to move forward together, we must recognize that, Debate demands civility & decorum.

I have known Irlanda, for quite some time. She is concerned about our city. She is also concerned about the impression this city & its officials have.

I have lived in Aurora most of my life. I am proud of this town. I went to East High and graduated in 1975. I have raised my children here, watched them proudly
as the went from Kindegarden to graduates at Aurora U and NIU. So, I also have a stake in this town.

Yes, I love living in Aurora. Every color in the rainbow lives in this city. I have no agenda, except to see this city thrive. Irlanda is part of the fabric of this city.
Her and her husband Soterios love this town and own a business here.

Irlanda speaks 3 languages including English and Spanish. With Irlanda, you will have someone who can understand your question and answer it.

She will sit through a city council meeting knowing exactly what is happening, and how it may affect the good people of the 2nd Ward.

Irlanda will speak up for the 2nd Ward, because she can!

To sum this up, Irlanda is focused on job growth, with less taxes & government regulation. She will also pursue an above board consistent approach to accounting for all city money spent in the 2nd Ward on a regular basis.

Give Irlanda your vote, Aurora & the 2nd Ward will a better place with her participation.